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Hello everyone! Thank you so much for checking out my blog and staying up to date with me in Chicago. I wanted to give a brief update about my blog moving forward.

Looking back, my blog mostly resembles a journal of my time here in Chicago and it has been really hard for me to make time to write up posts almost daily. Therefore, starting this week I am going to be posting fewer posts on here and will be focusing on highlights of my time and things I have learned or struggled with while on mission. I will continue to post some pictures on here, but to see more visit my Facebook page or my photo album on Facebook.

There are also two new pages on my website that can be found in the menu at the top of the page. The first is a page called Prayer List, where I am keeping a list of all the people I have met in the city of Chicago and held conversations with. Along with a first name I have a small description of what I learned from them or about them. The second page is called More Student Blogs, where I have created a table of all the other blogs students are keeping while here in Chicago. I also have links to their blogs on the page so you can quickly jump over to their site and check out their blogs.

A final small change is that the pages for My Calling and My Goal have now been combined into the My Calling page.

Thank you again for continuing to support and pray for me and everyone on this trip. The past two weeks have been amazing and I cannot wait to see where God takes us next.

One thought on “Future Posts Update

  1. Hey Josh! I enjoyed reading about your time there in Chicago. The pictures are awesome! Enjoy this time of your life. This experience is one you will remember for a lifetime! As always I am very PROUD OF YOU!!
    Aunt Sue

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