Outreach in the City Weekend

Saturday morning Sunrise:
Sunrise Selfie

With the pretty free weekend coming up I want to try and start running again. Friday morning I woke up to go running at 9 with my friend John. We ran to the fountain and then along the coast to the aquarium and planetarium. We had some pretty great views on the run and we thought it would be cool sometime to wake up early and run to see the sunrise over the lake. We got back around 11 and I got some lunch before spending some quiet time with the Lord. I looked and saw that the sunrise is at 5:14am tomorrow…dang, I don’t think I’ll be able to wake up that early to see the sunrise. Not long after that I got a message from someone on mission asking people to walk her to the union station tomorrow to catch her bus at 4:45am. Well, I guess I am going to be able to see the sunrise after all! I got to work a little bit on my summer online class before a bunch of us met to go to the beach. We got to the beach around 6ish and went into the lake, played some spike ball, Frisbee, and watched the sunset into the city. From out in the water the sunset looked amazing! Then we all headed back after dark and got some subway. I went to the sky lounge to see what everyone was up to before heading to bed early.

Run by the Planetarium:

This morning John, Chris and I walked Mirranda to the bus station and got to run to the planetarium where we were able to see THE BEST SUNRISE EVER! We spent a lot of time just marveling at the sight and how the city began to wake up with the sunrise. Then we all came back to my room for pancakes, eggs and sausage. Then I took an hour nap before waking back up for soccer at 9:30. A bunch of us from mission met for soccer in the lobby and went to UIC to play on one of the fields there. We played for quiet a while and I loved it. I am so tired and sore afterwards from running and playing soccer, so I eat lunch and rest before going out in the city to outreach in the parks. I get to go to Millennium Park where Pete and I go sharing and get to talk to a group of Muslims who are visiting Chicago for the weekend. We also get to talk to someone who has lived in Chicago his whole life. His name was D and he opened up to us about his view on the world we live in and how it affects him in his daily life. After outreach we get some of the food from Taste of Chicago, and enjoyed trying food from Poland, Greek and some other place I can’t remember. After dinner, my roommates and I decide to play cards so we stay in the rest of the night playing different games like Sentinels of the Multiverse, and Magic.

Sunrise Pictures:
sunrise early



Video from the Sunrise:
CSM Sunrise

Today we stay on tradition by going to church and Velvet Tacos after. I’m slowly trying a ton of new tacos by going each weekend. After lunch I came back to the Lofts and spent some time working on the pictures and videos I took of the sunrise yesterday morning and talking with James about setting up a guys night in the near future. Later we made some dinner and had time to hang out with our campus team to go through Soularium and what some people do that really works for them with this tool. We get done early because of the game on tonight, but I go instead to my room to watch the season premiere of The Last Ship. Before bed, I go upstairs and play a game of Catan in the sky lounge with some friends.

Full Church!
full church

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