Catan and My Second Day on the Job

Selfie and Fountain

Today I get to go back to campus for disciple time and for sharing. While here I got some pretty nice views of the city and the campus. I got to talk to this one guy named Mahesh. It was a very tough conversation. He enjoyed blurring out all the religions of the world and seeing how they all pointed to being nice to others. He then came to the realization that the only point of living was Karma and that everyone’s life ends at 0 on his Karma scale. It was still great to hear what he thought of and how he looks at life. After lunch I went out with Clay and he walked me through how he likes to use Perspective cards, which was nice to see. This is definitely the tool I have the hardest time using. While we were out we got to see some awesome views from atop a building on campus. We didn’t find anyone to talk to before we had to meet back up so we hung out at the meeting place and just talked about our times at INDYCC. After campus I hung out at home before we had our family dinner. Tonight, Chick-fil-a is provided for us by Cru. My dinner group eats and even plays a round of Balderdash before going out on our own for the Night with the Lord. Kyle and I went to the Buckingham Fountain for quiet time and I sat on one of the benches near that fountain. While I was spending quiet time, a homeless person approached me and started talking to me. His name was John, somehow we got the conversation turned towards God. He knew the Gospel but I don’t think he knew much else of the Bible. I got to share with him a little bit from 1 Peter that we were learning about while in Chicago. At the end of the conversation I got to pray over him before he left. I returned to my quiet time for a bit longer before returning to the Lofts. Back in the room we decided to play some Catan and eat some Jello. We played two games because the first one went really quick. I destroyed them the first game and the second game I didn’t stand a chance! After Catan we called it a night as all four of us had work Thursday!

View on Campus:

Buckingham Fountain Quiet Time:
City and Fountain

Fountain and Lake

Today is my second day at work. I work 10am to 4pm, and today I get to learn how to make some of the sandwiches. I spend some time learning the sandwiches and then move on to making some fries which is cool since it is the first time I am making them on my own and putting them into containers. During the lunch rush I go back to working the machines with Rudy, which is what I did on Monday. The machines are definitely fast paced but also a little bit more fun than making sandwiches…to me at least. Once the rush was over, I went on to making the buns which I also felt was a pretty easy job. After work I got my employee meal and headed back to the Lofts. After work I kind of relaxed before going to the Thursday night Teaching/Worship session. Time got away from me so I didn’t have dinner, which caused me to jump on board with those going to Chick-fil-a after the meeting for ice cream! I got one of their milkshakes and it was really good! Then I came back to the Lofts and played a game of Euchre in the sky lounge before calling it a night.

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  1. Love the pics – keep them coming!!! Sounds like you are enjoying yourself. After 2 weeks what would you say is your favorite part so far and your least favorite?

    • My favorite part has got to be living in such an amazing community that literally pulls together for each other. I don’t think I have a least favorite part 🙂 Maybe not getting enough sleep but I am totally okay with that right now.

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