Still need to do chores on summer mission??

Chopped Final Creations:
Chopped Creations

10 second Video of the Judging:

Today I woke up and realized…I ran out of underwear. I was supposed to go to campus today to share since I am not working, but since I don’t have any clean underwear I have to do laundry. I get out of bed late and then go to start my laundry. I come back up and make some breakfast. Then I go to switch loads and return to my room for quiet time with the Lord. I spent a lot of this quiet time pondering and talking to God instead of reading the Bible today but I felt so much better after just sitting in silence and thinking. After the laundry was done I brought it back into my room and finished up my quiet time. By this time it is like noon so I decide I should take a shower and get ready for the day. After getting ready and putting my clothes away, I go out to Sports Clips to get a haircut. I have never been to one before and so I didn’t know that the first time you go you can upgrade to the deluxe package for the same price as a haircut…so I said why not! They not only cut my hair, but then they shampooed my hair, gave me a head massage and a hot wet towel over my face, then a back massage, then put moisturizer in my hair…all for the price of a haircut! It was fantastic!! Then I came back home and began doing a video or two for my online class before going to dinner with my action group. Tonight we had stuffed baked potatoes which were delicious! Then we had action group (bible study) and then had a little time before Tuesday night fun started. For this Tuesday we are participating in a game called Chopped where each room is given some supplies to cook with and we have 45 minutes to come up with a recipe and make 3 similar dishes to be judged at the end of the 45 minutes. Our room made guava pancakes, with a powdered sugar and orange gelatin powdered topping with a melted Hersey kiss, complete with an origami napkin. At the end of the 45 minutes every room brought their creations to the sky lounge where Bacho, Josh, and Claire were waiting to try and judge the different creations. It was pretty hilarious some of their…feedback on our creations. We ended up not winning as there were some delicious looking creations, but it was still a ton of fun. By the time the judging was over it was after 11 and our kitchen was an absolute mess! So we cleaned all the cooking supplies and left the counter tops for tomorrow.

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