First Day on the Job

So today I get to start working at Chick-Fil-A in the kitchen. My shift starts at 9 am and I am there just a little earlier than that so I may put my stuff in the lockers before clocking in for work. Today both Naomi and I were being trained in the back of the kitchen. We learned how to toast the buns and put the pickles on the buns, work the machines that cooked the chicken, make the fries and see how long they should stay out before being thrown away, as well as a trash run. After the training, I did the machines the rest of the day and Naomi did the buns and pickles. The lunch rush came and made the work become more fast paced. It made the time fly by though. First time I looked at the clock it was 12:50 and I am only on until 2 today. At the end of my shift I was making a trash run and this guy walked up to me and asked me if I knew how to get to Macy’s. I told him it was my first day on the job and that I was not from around there so I had no idea. He began to walk away and said “Jesus loves you”, to which I responded “He loves you too which is why I am here”. He stopped and I began to tell him how I was there on mission to spread the Gospel to those in Chicago. He started talking to me about some of the Christian artists he liked and walked with me to the dumpster on the side of the building. His name was George and he pulled out his phone and started playing music from it in hopes I would recognize it. I didn’t know any of his music as he was 75 years old and liked music from his younger ages and I didn’t start listening to Christian music until about 3 years ago. He accompanied me back to the front of the store where I had to let him go and before he walked away he said “I will see you in heaven one day!” It was a very small conversation but I really felt like God was showing me that just by opening up to everyone and bringing Christ into every conversation that some people might just stop what they are doing to talk with you. When I got off I got my employee meal and ate there at the restaurant. Today was the first day for most of us. From the mission trip there are several of us working at this location. There is me, Naomi, Ryan, Zach, and Annika and all of us were working today. After work I went back to the lofts where I showered before going with Tim to Target. I got a few things for the room and to eat, not a lot but it was a nice stroll to Target and back where Tim and I got to know each other better. After Target I began to watch a video from INDYCC two years ago that Tim recommended I watch. I almost finished before we had to go for dinner and the evening training session. Tonight we were provided Giordano’s for dinner and we were trained on how to use the Satisfied booklet. This booklet is most useful when engaging in conversation who is already a believer in Christ or for someone who recently accepted Christ (little more information on this booklet here). We got to hear another student’s testimony before ending our training night/worship session. It was a long and hard day and by the time I get back home I am happy to be getting ready for bed. I still have to do laundry but I think I will leave it for tomorrow.

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