Free Weekend (for the most part)

Today is our first free day this trip! This is also the first day of 90+ degrees outside! Many went to the beach to hang out and play but I was so exhausted that I took the day off, from almost everything! And it was glorious. I woke up early but refused to get out of bed until about 11:30ish. My roommates and I hung out around the lofts and played Chinese checkers until James came to visit. Then we talked about potentially watching a movie on the day off. We decided to watch Now You See Me 2 around 5. I really liked the movie, I haven’t seen the first one but it wasn’t hard to pick up the second one at all. Afterwards my roommates and I stopped at Target to pick up some more food so we could all pitch in and make a large meal for the night. We made Pizza, Tortillas, Green Beans and Mac and Cheese. Then we learned of an online version of Mafia called Town of Salem and so we spent the rest of the night playing that game. It was a very relaxed and lazy day but it was so worth it.

Movie Theater area:

Today we got to go and visit Woodlawn in Chicago which is a neighborhood in the South side of Chicago at the end of the green line. We met with a local pastor there and went around with him on a tour. It was so cool because he knew like everyone in the area. We would walk into a rec center or a library and he would just know the people working there by their first name! He was a really awesome person. We also got to go on campus at University of Illinois. Then we ate lunch at Daley’s Restaurant which was a really cool diner. We got back to the lofts around 2:30pm. We played some more Town of Salem and I took a nap. We also discovered that all but one of our room keys were not working to get into the room. We went to the office to see if they could fix it and the card encoder was not working. Tonight is men’s night where all the men on the trip got together to hang out and meet each other. There was maybe one or two people I hadn’t met so it was really nice to get to meet them at the men’s event. We played some dodgeball and then got to talk to each other and get to know one another. Then we had a time of reflection. Afterwards my room got our laptops and took them to the sky lounge to play some more Town of Salem but to be with others from the trip. We were up playing and talking really late but it was a lot of fun too!

Today we got up early to go to Church at 10. We arrived a little late but the sermon was great! These past two weeks have been about the Hope we enjoy knowing that Christ died on the Cross for our sins. Today was specifically about our hope in the Lord’s Day for when Jesus comes again. After church we went to Velvet Tacos again and I had an awesome new taco while there. After lunch we came back to the lofts, I had quiet time with the Lord and then took a nap. For dinner, we met with our campus families and talked about our week on campus and hanging out with each other. Then we came back to our room and played Town of Salem again but with even more people this time! It was a lot of fun! We made brownies and just kinda hung out. Tomorrow I have my first day of training at Chick-fil-a and I am so excited! I can’t wait to start working and meeting people at work!

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