Wednesday and Thursday: Night with the Lord and Work Orientation

Today I am going back to campus and will spend half of my time talking to people and half the time with my discipler. We go to campus at 11 and I walk around with Kyle, my discipler for this summer. We spend about an hour talking with two people on campus before going to lunch. First we got to talk to Mustafa, who is a professor at the school. He grew up in Palestine and it was really cool talking to him and learning about his experiences traveling around the world and where he came from spiritually. The second person we talked to was named Mossaid. He was also an international student. We got talking to him and he said he really like living in Chicago but also really likes Columbus. Then I asked him when he has been to Columbus and he said he has been there a couple times and would be going to Columbus this fall for school. I asked him where in Columbus he was going to be studying and he said The Ohio State University! I got really excited and told him that’s where I go to school! We continued talking until he had to go to class but then I got his number and email in hopes that I could meet up with him again this summer and maybe even in the fall at OSU!

I used Soularium to talk to both of them and got to lead for the most part the conversation both times. After talking with them, Kyle and I went to eat and spend some time in discipleship. I really enjoyed talking to Kyle and going with him to talk to Mossaid and Mustafa this morning. After lunch, I went with Brian who is also on staff and I got to use Perspective cards, which I haven’t used since my first time at PCB my sophomore year. (More about Perspective cards here.) We got to talk with one person named Mark in the library using these cards. Brian mostly led the conversation so it was nice to see how he asked questions to learn more about Mark’s past and where he is now spiritually. Mark grew up Catholic and fell in love with science. Through his passion for knowledge with science he lost his way in faith. We ended the time on campus by praying over the campus and for those we got to talk to today. I also encourage any readers to pray for those in Chicago – people we have talked to, people we will never meet, and people whom God is preparing for us to talk to and meet while here. After campus time we came back to the lofts and relaxed until our family dinner. These dinners are also provided by Cru and is a time when two or more Action Groups come together to meet each other and hang out. We had Flacos Tacos delivered for dinner. After dinner on Wednesdays is called Night with the Lord. It is a 3 hour block set aside by everyone on mission to spend time with God in any way we want. This first Wednesday the Action Groups stay together for this time to provided a community for anyone to ask questions or who enjoy spending time with other while doing quiet time. That night a small group of us went out to Trader Joe’s for some groceries. Then I made brownies for my room before heading to bed. Tomorrow I get to go to Orientation for work and best part – it’s paid! 😀

Today I got up, then my roommate Ryan and I went to orientation. There were 5 new employees at orientation, 4 of us are from the mission trip! We spent about 6 hours at work and got an employee meal to eat while going through orientation. Afterwards I came back and was very tired. I got to call Grace and talk with her for a while which was great! Afterwards I made some dinner and then we headed out to church for our Thursday night meeting/worship session. Thursday nights are a lot like the Sunday night RealLife meetings at OSU. I really enjoyed the session tonight! Then I came back home and played Catch Phrase and other games for a couple hours before going to bed. Since work doesn’t start until next week, I am pretty free Friday and Saturday so I am excited to see what this City holds for us!

I am absolutely loving my time here on Summer Mission. I have gotten to meet tons of new people from different campuses around the Great Lakes region, including many new people from OSU that I have never met before! I am so happy and excited to be spending the summer with these amazing people. I can’t wait to see what God does with the rest of the summer!

Ps – Slappy was taken back tonight, but we have thoroughly enjoyed hiding him for our roommates to find. One of my favorite places has been the picture below where he is in a indented storage space just past where the front door is:

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