Day 2 and 3: Scavenger Hunt and Meeting the Campus

Team on Pier
Day 1:
This morning breakfast was provided for the meeting we had which started our day. We went through a lot of the logistics of the summer, talked about the city, and about what we will be doing in the city. Then we were free for lunch so we went and ate with another room for lunch. After that we all met in the lobby and got into teams for our scavenger hunt in the city. We were in teams of about 6 including one staff member. Using the public transportation we made our way over town taking pictures of items on the list and posting them to Instagram. Halfway through we decided to just explore the city and have some fun so we went to Navy Pier and Millennium Park to just look around. At 5 we decided to go get dinner as a group and went to a place called Quartino Ristorante and the food they had there was family portions to share. We got a couple different items and split the cost between us. It was so good! After dinner we came back to the lofts and hung around until our second meeting at 8 but this one was a little bit more fun. We played a game before we all went back to our rooms. Several people were having problems setting up their routers and so I went to go help them and met up with Stuart and Ryan on the trip and the three of us went around at the geek squad for the night. After that I went to my room to sleep but ended up talking to my roommates for another couple hours which was awesome!

Best scavenger hunt team:
Scavenger Hunt Group

Concert at Millennium Park:

Sky gate:
Sky Gate

Day 2:
Today we got up early to go to the church we will be going to and we left in small groups to go to the church. I really enjoyed the service they had and the church itself. We had a packed house with all of us from mission there. It was about a 15 minute subway ride which wasn’t bad at all. After church my roommates and a couple others walked to Velvet Tacos for lunch and boy was that good. Some of the best tacos I have ever had. After lunch we went to Target to get some food and some last minute items for the room. Our afternoon meeting started at 2:30 where we broke into our campus groups. We then went to campus; I am in the group going to University of Illinois Chicago, which was a 5 minute train ride away from our lofts. We walked around and got to know the campus a little bit and then went on a prayer walk to view more of it and to pray for the campus that we will be present at. Later that night we had roommate dinner and activities. We got subway (two doors down from the lofts) and then started the activities. One of them was where we had to make a video of the four of us with the weirdest thing someone brought to Chicago. We posted the video to YouTube for the roommate challenge between other rooms and will be shown below! It was a lot of fun and I am really happy with how it turned out. After that I was so tired from the past two days that I am in bed just after midnight. Tomorrow – Job Searching!


Picture from campus:

Roommate Video Challenge
Video Cover

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