The best programming language in the world.

This article was writen by Alexander Petkov, at January 16th, 2018, and the article was published at freeCodeCamp. In this article, Alexander firstly introduce the standard of a good programming language with an amount of statistic, and then he ordered the 10 hottest programming language from 1 to 10. The reason he publish this article is to let people choose the rightest programming language. In this case, their language career path will be great. Javascript is the best one.

This hyperlink will direct you to Quora, which is a big community that allow people ask and answer questions. In this page, the question is: “What is the best programming language?”, and there are hundreds of answers with their reasons. With these answers, we can clearly find which programming language is the most popular one. Java is the best one.

This is a video about Top 10 programming languages in 2018. The video was published on Youtube on October 23th, 2017, published by the user Beginner Tutsl. In the video, he  firstly introduced first ten popular programming language, and then he tried to use the several different ways to analyze the trend of the most popular programming language. After watching this video, learners are able to learn about lots of programming languages, and know which one is the best. Python is the best one.

 This is a article writen by Dmytro Brovkin, who is the mobile expert and co-founder of He published this article on The Startup on December 7th, 2017.  The article highlights the importance of choosing a good programming languages, and Swift is the best one.
This is a article written by Mitch Pronschinske at “TechBeacon”. Different from other resources, this article don’t give the order of each programming languages. Mitch just gives us 5 languages that have bright future without any comparison. The author wants reader to choose their own best programming language.