The Cheng Lab is looking for motivated and talented students to join the team!

Prospective graduate students who are interested in computational drug discovery and/or computational molecular biophysics, please contact Prof. Cheng  via email or directly apply to the Graduate Program at APPLY NOW | The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy (osu.edu) or Applying to Biophysics | Biophysics Graduate Program (osu.edu)

First-year graduate students from OSU’s Interdisciplinary Biophysics Graduate Program or Chemistry & Biochemistry Department who are interested in rotation in the Cheng Lab are encouraged to contact Prof. Cheng  via email.

Undergraduate students who wish to gain research experience in computational drug discovery, and molecular modeling & simulation are welcome to contact Prof. Cheng  via email.

Contact Information

Xiaolin Cheng PhD
Associate Professor
Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy
642 Riffe Building
Phone: 614-292-3198