Second Semester Digital Sandbox Projects

During second semester I decided to engage myself a little bit more and decided to try three digital sandboxes. I attended WorkSMART and WordPress for the first seven weeks of the second semester and Professional Development for the second half. I also attempted to take SolidWorks, but unfortunately the software was unable to run properly on my operating system.


WorkSMART was very beneficial in helping me focus and recenter my goals. I personally focused my SMART goal on working out more and focusing on both my physical and mental wellness. Through these seven weeks, I made myself go to the gym at least three times a week. This helped me work on my time management, as I had to mange my schedule and allocate time for exercising. Ultimately I was  unable to lose the weight that I had set as my goal, but WorkSMART was able to teach me a lot about prioritizing things, managing my scheduling, and committing to activities and goals for  long periods of time. All of the skills listen above, will be very beneficial in my future.


The second digital sandbox I took this semester was WordPress. Aside from a few posts on my Honors and Scholars e-Portfolio, I had not had any experience with WordPress or any other blogging or website formatting, so I was able to learn a lot. Through this sandbox I was able to learn basics such as creating post, adding media, and managing my pages, settings, and content. Not only was I able to set up a basic blog and write about my interests, but I gained a skill which I foresee to be very beneficial in my future marketing career. In fact, I enjoyed everything that I learned in WordPress, so much that I applied and hope to teach this sandbox next semester. I plan to play around on WordPress more this summer and I hope to grow my personal blog into a more detailed and extensive site. I plan to continue this as a hobby and hope that the skills that I learned can help me in a career in digital marketing in the future.

Attached is a link to my blog, which encompasses some things that I enjoy such as fashion and make-up, along as serving as a documentation of some of my adventures in throughout OSU and Columbus.

Professional Development

The final sandbox that I took was Professional Development. I felt that this sandbox was able to teach important tips and information that very helpful for Freshman. Those tips and tricks included interview tips, resume criticisms, and information that would help in our future internship and job search endeavors. Two of the most beneficial assignments was working on mock interview questions and elevator pitches.

Attached below is my mock elevator pitch:

“Hello, my name is Emily Chen and I’m completing a Marketing degree at The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business. I am interested in a career in Digital Marketing in the fashion and retail industry. I have been involved in Media, Marketing, and Communications scholars group and developed skills in the marketing field. Additionally, from young age I have always had an interest in the fashion industry and how it functions. I am seeking a marketing internship for Summer 2018, in hopes to learn more about the marketing industry and gain hands on experience. Could you tell me more about the types of projects and positions that are available at your company for someone with my interests?”

Year in Review

My Year in Review Autumn 2016- Spring 2017

My freshman year in college has taught a number of things, that go way beyond the material that I have learned in lecture. I had experienced numerous great experiences from attending the famous OSU football games in the Shoe to interesting activities with my scholars groups to exploring Columbus with my friends.

I believe that one of the most important things from this year would be my growth as a student. After making numerous mistakes in procrastinating and using poor study habits my first semester, I was able to slowly figure out what tactics worked for me as a student and gain a better understanding of the type of learning that works best for me. I have learned how to study better and everyday I working harder to cut down on my procrastinating and increase my organization. I have even found my favorite place to study on campus, the quiet study space cubicles on the fourth floor of Thompson Library.

Through both my business core classes and my GE course, I have also gained a better understand of what things I enjoy learning about and what I could commit myself to working in for my future career. Coming into college, I was still weary of the major that I had selected more or less on whim, while applying to college, but as I emerged myself into my business core class, it became more apparent that I would like to stay in the Fisher College of Business. Currently I still plan to stick with my specialization in Marketing, but I am also considering a minor in Fashion and Retail. Through taking GEs I have found fields that I know that I will definitely not go into such as Mathematics, Biology or Art History to name a few. Some of my more interesting courses have included Business Skills and Environment (Business Ethics) and Human Nutrition.

Through my scholars program, I have been able to have many great experiences. Not only has scholars allowed me to meet my closest group of friends, but I have been able to learn lots of things that will help me with my future career. One of the best activities, in MMC was the career visit, where we toured and talked to employees at two companies in Columbus, Ohio Film Group and WD partners. This helped me see potential career paths that I could work in with Marketing and opened my eyes to jobs and positions that I had never even previously considered. The MMC Meet the Alums Night was also very beneficial in developing a career path, it was very helpful to talk to different people who had gone through MMC and see how the scholars program had helped them in both their college career with experiences and internships and also further down the road even with their job.

Other great experiences have included participating as an OWL and helping with the move- in process. Not only was I able to meet some great people and bond with my new roommates, but I also have time to get situated to my new home early and help others get situated. One of my favorite memories has been my participation with Unchained OSU. I strongly remember survivor night, when a survivor of human trafficking came to talk to our organization about her life and experiences and how she is now helping other girls escape the human trafficking system.  Most recently I was able to participate as a model for Unchained in a mini-fashion show, showcasing the story and journey of a girl going through the human trafficking process, which was extremely moving and informative.  Currently I have not been as involved as I would like to clubs and organizations, so one step that I will take next year is to join more clubs and organizations that fit both my interests and that will help further my career interests.

On a less academic note, I have enjoyed a lot of exploring Columbus and trying new things. Among some of my favorite things have been wandering The Short North, exploring shops, and trying new restaurants. I have been able to expand my cultural experiences living in such an amazing city, such as Columbus. From trying Thai inspired rolled ice cream to trying exciting new international cuisines at the North Market. I was able to go to many fun events such as various concerts, seeing the Wildlights at the Columbus Zoo and going to the Columbus Art Museum. I hope to continue these adventures and fun experiences in my future years at OSU and in Columbus.



Past and Future Occupations

The past summer I was able to work as a dietary server at St. Luke Lutheran Community, a local nursing home back in my hometown, Canton, Ohio. This job allowed me to work on my communication and customer service skills. I was able to work on understanding and assessing the residents needs, while adequately serving and assisting them with their meals. I plan to continue working there during this upcoming summer.

I have also been hired to work as an Office Assistant in Morrill Tower for the Autumn 2017 to Spring 2018 term. I look forward to starting to work there next year.


Emily Chen’s G.O.A.L.S

Global Awareness:

Currently as a Morrill Scholar I have many opportunities to increase both my personal understanding of global diversity and inclusion and also that of OSU’s campus. My goal for the future is to be more involved in the Morrill Scholars program and potentially join more global engagement events and programs. I love learn about different cultures and engaging with people from different cultures and experiences, this engagement is something I hope to continue during my time at OSU. My goal is also to study abroad in a French speaking country, as that is the foreign language of which I am the most proficient, such as French or an African francophone.

Original Inquiry:

As a business major there are not my research opportunities, but one of my main goals is to acquire and internship in my junior or senior year at OSU. This will provide me with extremely valuable life and hands on experience in my preferred career field. This experience will help me not only learn a great deal about the Marketing field, but also help set me apart from my peers in my future job search.

Academic Enrichment:

Freshman has provided many challenges academically for me and my main goal is raise my GPA. It is currently not where I would like it to be and my goal is to raise it to a 3.5 GPA, which is usually what internships are looking for in their candidates. If I am able to raise my GPA, I would also like to try for the Honors Cohort in Fisher, which is a very selective and prestigious program. I am also looking forward to taking more classes directly related to my major in the forthcoming years. I also hope to diversify my education my taking up a minor in Fashion and Retail Studies, which allow me to expand my education beyond that of the business world.

Leadership Development:

Currently as a Freshman, I have not assume many leadership positions, but I hope to step things up next year. This past year I participated as an OWL and I applied to assume a larger leadership role in the OWL program, by participating as an OWL- C next year. Additionally I applied to teach a Digital Sandbox within my MMC scholars group, I am hoping to teach WordPress. I am also making it to a goal to apply for an executive board position in Unchained OSU next year. Additionally, one of my goals is to join more clubs and activities, through furthering my engagement on campus, I hope to develop my leadership skills some more.

Service Engagement:

This semester I was able to participate in Fisher Impact Day, which allowed me to help volunteer and make blankets for foster children, through an organization called My Very Own Blanket. This past year, I feel as if I have not done any community service, which is honestly very disappointing. One of my goals to join at least one service based organization such as Fisher Cares or a service based fraternity. I am making it a goal to go on one BUCK-I-SERV trip and help volunteer, before I graduate from OSU.


At The Ohio State University, I am involved in the Media, Marketing, and Communications (MMC) Scholars program. It is a living and learning community that allows us to gain experience in digital media and with technology As a member of MMC, I have worked on various group projects and learned different multimedia skills.

For the past 7 weeks I have been involved with an Illustrator project group, in which we gained Illustrator skills and created our own logo redesign.


About Me


Emily Chen is a first year student from Canton, Ohio. She is a student at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University. She currently working towards a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration degree with a specialization in Marketing. Emily is involved with Media, Marketing, and Communications Scholars and the Morrill Scholars Program. She also is a member of the organization Unchained OSU, which works to raise awareness of human trafficking through fashion. Additionally, Emily will also be working as an Office Assistant at Morrill Tower during the 2017-2018 term.