PED Talk

Itching and Twitching

The presentation above is a presentation that I made for my Intro to Pharmacy class. The idea behind the project was to give a presentation that’s similar to a TED talk but centers around an area of pharmacy. The project itself was very open ended and that was my biggest issue at first because I didn’t really have an idea of what I wanted to present on so I had to go digging to find a topic. I eventually narrowed it down to something within psychiatric pharmacy because that’s the field of pharmacy I’m most interested in at the moment and I was able to find some interesting articles on Drug Induced Movement Disorders, which is what my presentation was about.

It was an interesting topic to present on because not a lot of kids in my class aren’t interested in psychiatric pharmacy and when they they think about it, they mainly only focus on depression or anxiety disorders whereas Drug Induced Movement Disorders are long-term side effects from taking antipsychotics which are mainly prescribed to those diagnosed with schizophrenia or biopolar disorder. I also had a interesting time researching it because it made me think about how the pharmacists of the future could combat the side effect, which is especially tricky because the side effect itself is caused by medication and doesn’t go away once you stop taking the medication.

Chili Cook Off


The picture above was taken at a Chili Cook Off that the College of Pharmacy put on in order to raise money for the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio. I volunteered at the event in order to meet more people within the field of pharmacy and get involved with the College of Pharmacy. The Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio is a pharmacy that offers medication, health screening, medication counseling, and much more for families that are uninsured or low income that often times cannot afford the heavy bills that come with going to a physician or other medical professional.

This experience was fun because it not only allowed to try amazing chili but also gave me the opportunity to help a great causes that shows people that pharmacy is more than just dispensers of drugs. Brutus even made an appearance to show his support for the great work that the Charitable Pharmacy does. It was cool to see the community come together to raise money for a cause that allowed everyone to have an opportunity to receive a level of health care that they need and are entitled to.



For my Philosophy class on the meaning of life and death, we were assigned a project to demonstrate the topics that we’d learned in the first half of the semester. My group and I were rather fascinated by the topic of immortality and set out to discover what people outside of the class thought of the prospect of immortality. The link to a YouTube video above was one of the two projects that my group and I did to gauge how people felt about immortality. Our main focus was on college students so we had several members of our group bring in some friends and started off by asking them how they felt about the prospect of immortality. After their response, we read them a quote by a philosopher we studied in class named Kagan, that believed that immortality would be somewhat of a nightmare because life would never end and life would inevitably get boring. From there, we re-asked the participants how they felt about immortality after hearing Kagan’s thoughts and to our surprise they all were steadfast in their response and didn’t view immortality any differently than before.

I really enjoyed this project because it allowed me to demonstrate the things I had learned in class in a creative way. However, I wish we could’ve asked some questions regarding extended existence, which is similar to immortality but extended existence is merely living for another few hundred years rather than forever. I would’ve liked to see how people’s views would change if given the opportunity to live a few hundred years longer than usual as opposed to living forever and understand why people might find an extended existence more appealing than immortality. Along with this video we had created a survey that we all sent to friends to see how people would view immortality and using those statistics we tried to find a correlation between things like gender or religion and see if that played a hand in the outcome.


Environmental Sustainability

The PowerPoint above is a presentation that my group members and I created as a way to compile the facts that we had learned while researching the seventh developmental goal, Environmental Sustainability, developed by The UN. We focused our research on the effects of the goal in China being as the environment in China is notorious for being relatively poor. Through this project we were able to increase our abilities of going from broad information to more specific in terms of how The UN has been working towards this particular goal in China while also deepening our understanding of the policies of this country. We also witnessed through the research how the culture of a place can affect the policies that are put in place and how those policies are enforced.

Prior to making the presentation, we had written up the facts that we had found in an essay format. To make the presentation, we took the information from the essay and summarized our findings into bullet points. The presentation itself isn’t thorough and for the most part, my group members and I put the overarching point on the presentation and elaborated on the point while giving the presentation. This allowed for more eye contact with the audience thus making the presentation more engaging and made communicating the message better. Presenting our findings without just reading off the slides allowed us to prove that we had truly learned something from this project and had the capabilities of presenting the topic.

Year in Review

This past year has taught me a lot about being more independent. This was my first year living in another state, a state that I had never been to prior to March of 2015. More than 1,200 miles away from home and with no one to lean on, I had to learn how to do a lot of things by myself. Throughout middle school and high school, I had the same group of friends and had no worries about being lonely in school. This year, I knew no one in this school of 50,000+ and, being an introvert, I had to step out of my shell to find new friends and study mates. Stepping out of my shells ultimately led me to finding a nice group of friends that helped make my transition smooth and less anxious.

First semester was a little rough for me academically and socially. Though I had found a nice group of friends, I was still hesitant about opening up to them completely. School ended up requiring more attention than I initially thought I needed and that soon reflected in the grades that I received. While I worked hard, looking back, I know that I could’ve put in a lot more time into my studies and I should’ve.

Learning from my mistakes from the previous semester, second semester ended up being much better academically and socially. I attended various programs within the college of pharmacy which allowed me to get more involved in the college which I’m sure will ultimately benefit me in the future. Also, being as my old roommate transferred at the end of last semester, I had one of my friends move in with me. Prior to the move, we had been friends but we weren’t super close, after rooming together for merely a semester, I had gained a new best friend. Academically, I worked much harder in my classes and that paid off as I received better grades and did better on tests.

The entire year had its ups and downs but as a whole, it’s been a good year. I’m excited to see what the future will hold for me here at OSU and I’m excited to pursue my major as my classes begin to get more major specific.


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About Me


Hi my name is Danielle Chen and I’m from Castle Pines, Colorado and I’m a Pharmaceutical Science major here at The Ohio State University. I graduated from Rock Canyon High School with highest honors and with 9 AP classes under my belt. I’m a visual and kinesthetic learner and have a natural curiosity for the unknown, albeit sometimes frightened of it as well. Back in Colorado I spent 8 hours out of the week volunteering at a local hospital, while the hospital was less than a year old when I began volunteering I was still able to get a feel for the hospital environment which is what I was hoping to get out of it. I also fostered dogs for a local animal shelter which allowed me to not only give these dogs proper care outside of the shelter but also test my ability to take care of a dog which I had never done prior to this experience. Here at OSU I hope to expand my horizons. Not only do I want to succeed academically but I also want to exceed in my extracurriculars whether that be joining a club, organization, or getting a job that will help set me up for future success. I am a rather introverted person upon first meet but once I get more comfortable I open up and develop extrovert like characteristics. I also try not to be too serious because I believe that places unnecessary stress on me, I tend to go with the flow and consider myself rather adaptable to new situations. Professionally, I want to be able to make it through Pharmacy school and land myself a stable job. I also want to learn as much as I can about various cultures and hopefully spend some time abroad and travel to see as many places as I can.