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Summary of the result I get from

The job you chose in the future is associated with your personality and interests. A website named can provide people information of kinds job which you may tend to do in the future, because the system can analyze your interests and personality by an online questionnaire you fill out.

(the picture above is one of my favorite successful analyst Andrews. He majored in financial mathematics in Kansas state university)

When the result came out, I was shocked. Two of those jobs offered are exactly what my dream jobs are.

The first one is SAP business analyst, which fit me most. As the picture showing, this job provides people low job stress and high job satisfaction. I think if there is a job with as less pressure as possible, that will be awesome, because such this less-pressure environment will reach my full potential. What is more, this job is really associated with my major math. SAP business analyst requires plenty of calculation and analyzing, and I am good at analyzing a function or the graph of one function.

Now I am in the financial track of math major, and I aim to analyze the risk of investment for a company or government, which is both meaningful and high-paid. However, this job needs at least “4 or 5 years experiences about market and business” offered by Plus, payscale claims that there is a need for “skills in “enterprise resource planning” and “financial accounting controlling”.etc. There are more males like me are willing to do this job, which means I will make more friends who has the same dream as me.  In my opinion, meaningfulness and salary are both important, because meaningfulness can bring you the happiness and the relatively high salaries can improve your living standard. Such this kind job requires more experience. If you ever did internship before apply a job, you will be more competitive. As for the health part, you can see that although the job is a little bit harmful to eyes, it doesn’t matter, because I care more about whether the job is funny or not.

Second recommand job is private banker.

(Portrait of a businessman using a digital tablet)

It is a interesting job which can help you make friends get chance to work with a celebrity, and also you can gain the trust and happiness from this job. As a private banker, the main goal is helping employer to invest logically and help them be clear with their business. Private banker can only be hired by the celebrities or people who has at least one million dollars. It  is a good chance to make friends with celebrities. I’m good at people skills and math& finacial analyzing skills, so not only I can let them know whether the investment is risky, but also I can explain all the details to them. That is why this kind job also fits me. Furthermore, states there are almost “79% employee get high job satisfaction”. Comparing to SAP business analyst, this one require more experience, mostly, it needs 10 years experiences and the more experience you have, the higher payment you will get, which is offered by because there is no business man willing to let a business rookie help them to invest and make decision. Another advantage I get to know from is that the job has is that it can bring us a healthy body, as the health benefits part on the picture shown. From my point of view,this job is more meaningful than analyst, although the salaries is a little bit lower. It is so cool if you can help someone to make a important decision, and at the same time you also can get others’ trust.

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