group project

description of this video:  this video lasts 4:50 long, and all the content is about how to get along with your roommates. Plus, this video is made by me(Chen siyan), Yan ziyu, Chen Yian, Cheng zhihan.

8 thoughts on “group project

  1. Hello Siyuan, your group really did a good job! This video gives me so many useful and practical advices to get along with my roommates! The topic is attractive and useful. Keeping room clean and sharing interests with roommates are really important!If this video has less text but only some key information, it would be simpler and concise and the essential words would be more emphatic!

  2. Hi siyuan, I’m Yiheng Yang, by watching your group project, I gain many useful information and practical advices from your movie. And your movie is really attract me and really useful.

  3. Hello, I’m Jiyu Zhao, via watching your video. I think it is really helpful for first-year students. Your group did a great job. And it is really attractive and fantastic.

  4. Hi Chen, your group movie is good. After watching this movie, I learned a lot about how to get along well with roommates. Your group shares some useful information and they are really helpful to others.

  5. The video is great! The voice is clear. And the pictures you chose are very attractive. I have hear some friends talking about the issues you mentioned in the video. Although I don’t have a American roommate now, I still believe the tips you gave me would help me in the future!

  6. Hi Siyuan, I think you give us a good explanation about what we need to notice when we contact with American roommates. Your group organizes ideas logically since you divide this topic into four parts and then describe each part respectively in detail. Thanks for your description of this issue which are really important for Chinese students.

  7. Hi Siyuan, I think your group has done a good job! The vedio is influence and the transition part is good. Also, you guys list out some very useful tips about your topic “How to get in touch with American roomates.” And the pictures are cute and interesting, attracting people to watch it.

  8. In this short video, you guys talk about how to get along well with roommates. Such as respect each others and play with roommates. It is helpful for the freshman who just leave home and live with others first. In the video, you guys mention about the safety problems. I think this is the most important part for international students. I don’t think America is safety than China. It is a dangerous place. So safe is more important. And you guys conclude some details about how to use the public stuff. Such as clean the microwave after used. Yeah it will gross if nobody clean it.

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