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PART1—–Living in OSU

one time I eat noodles with my roomies

My name is Chen, and my roommates call me Chance which is my English name. I keep the very good friendship with my roommates. We always hang out together for watching football games, enjoying some foods and so on. Since they get influenced by me and another Chinese guy, now they are almost addicted to Chinese foods especially noodles as the shown in the picture.Next summer they will visithina with us to feel Chinese culture and enjoy Chinese food.

my faviorite player in Lakers

Watching Lakers’ games is one of my biggest hobbies. Back in middle school, Lakers is the best team in NBA, everybody shows the respect to them and praise them how good they are. Gradually I became a crazy fan of Lakers. As most fans do, I would also go to the Staples Center to watch their games and dream to get chance to play with them.


Kendrick larmar  

Rap music is also an important part of my life. As the picture showing, Kendrick Lamar is my favorite rapper. Once he came out an album, I would buy it instantly with no hesitation. I ever tense write some lyrics and create some beats, but I gave up at most time. Because I found that creating a song is way more difficult than listening to songs

PART2——China-My Hometown

the building where my training club at

One year ago, I decided to move to America for my further study. As my father suggested, I gave up my high school life, and went to an English training center for language training. As shown the third picture , the tallest building is where the training center is located. With six-months persistence efforts, I got a good TOEFL score and SAT score.

parents, uncle aunt and me

A Few days before I flew to America, my families visited Shanghai with me. My uncle quipped “Just eat as much Chinese foods as you can, because it will be the last time you enjoys Chinese food this year”. As you see, my uncle is a funny guy, and he is also positive and smiling all the time. My parents even felt so sad when we were in Shanghai airport, because they Knew they would miss me for a long time. As I am growing, my mom and dad are becoming elder and elder. One day I will look after them just as they haven took care of me 20 years ago.

Xi‘an art

I remember when I was in middle school, we traveled to Xian in one summer. We tense all attracted by paper cutting which is one of the most popular traditional folk art forms in China. The most amazing part is that the artist can use only scissors to shape what you look like on a red paper just with a glimpse of your face and body.

PART3——Second home- OSU

buckeye football court

The reasons why I chose The Ohio State University as my school are as following. Firstly, the tuition is affordable for a normal family in China. Secondly, OSU is a one of the best academic plural in America, so it is a good option for a student who loves studying in a good intellectual environment. Finally, the most exciting thing is that we have a strongest team in NCAA football league named buckeye football team. I will never forget the moment that everybody was cheering and clapping, when they heard that the OSU beats the MU again. I wish all the players in the team can play for the NFL in the future and bring us another championship!

Math building in osu

Studying in such a fantastic university is satisfying. What should I do is taking the advantage of the material around me and improving myself like reading more books, asking more questions to my professor and making more friends who have the same dream as me. I plan to graduate from here in 3 years. During the college time, I will try my best to get an internship to practice myself with the knowledge I learned in college, because that will make my college life more colorful and develop myself mentally. At same time, I wish I could get an ideal GPA score when I say goodbye to OSU.

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