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I took the photo in Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan (in Jul. 2016)

My name is Ziyi Chen, an international student from China. As a student, I like to analyze some physical phenomena by physics law and math skills I learned. In my spare time, the movie is my favorite. I am really attracted by the interesting plot and shocking visual effects in some excellent movies. Base on this reason, I began to learn video editing and visual effects production. Although I spend most of my time with my computer, traveling is always exciting leisure for me. I have already been to lots of cities. Among them, Kyoto, Japan impressed me the most. I enjoy walking along the quiet path with cherry blossoms around the city.

Entering to OSU could be the most unique experience I’ve ever had. The reason lies in the fact that I have already graduated from a university in Beijing and got a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. Although I think this major is important and useful, I felt it is not what I’m interested in. I’ve tried several times to find the major that match me, and I went to study making movie visual effects to see whether I am suitable to work in Art. The process was not always fluent, but I found out the major that I really want to learn in this learning period, and I decided to restart my university life.

I simulated the image by software (in Jan. 2018)

Currently, the major I study in is Physics. Compared with the application skills and empirical formulas I learned in Mechanical Engineering, I prefer the physical theory behind them. Besides, I am also curious about how the researchers obtain the theory and how to use them simulating and predicting a physics phenomenon. After comparing several universities, I chose OSU due to its high level of teaching and physics research. I hope I can realize my dream of learning more physics principle here, as well as improving my math ability. In the future, I would like to take further education in physics, especially in computational physics, to improve my integrated skills.

Finally, here is my SELF-INTRODUCTION VIDEO!

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  1. zhang.12006 September 17, 2020 at 2:27 pm · Reply

    Hello, Ziyi. I am an international student just like you. I also majored in engineering. I’m amazed at your superb photography skills. I think your behavior of daring to try for your own ideal is really great, And I’m glad to know people like you. I also hope you will find happiness in your new major.

  2. song.1874 September 17, 2020 at 3:56 pm · Reply

    Hello, Ziyi. I am also an international student like you. I major in math. And I’m astonished with your excellent photography skills and really appreciate that. I think develop one skill for hobby in college is not only for entertainment or relax, but also could help us a lot after working. I feel very happy to see you and best wishes for you.

  3. shao.503 September 17, 2020 at 9:29 pm · Reply

    Hi, Ziyi,
    I am in physic major too, we may have many common topics to discuss. I’m surprised about you are already graduated from a China school. Is that mean you are studying here for a postgraduate degree? I think movies and physic have many in common. Many science fiction films need to have a physical foundation to support. Hope you get better development in both aspects!

  4. wu.4866 September 18, 2020 at 1:36 am · Reply

    Hello Ziyi, I think it is so brave of you to restart the university life to study what you really love. I am very impressed by the image you created by the software, it is so realistic. I have a very good friend who is also interested in video editing and visual effects production, and now he is studying in the School of Cinematic Arts. Maybe you can have a look at it, even though you have decided to study in physics.

  5. hua.234 September 18, 2020 at 3:37 am · Reply

    Hi Ziyi, I admire your decision to restart your undergraduate life majoring in a different major because I believe nothing can stop a person from chasing his dream. Also, I am so impressed with the pictures you posted as they are extremely distinct and vivid, and it seems I am standing in front of them. Also, I am studying photographing now, and I hope we can impart some techniques for taking photos and using software to revise.

  6. fong.142 September 19, 2020 at 7:10 pm · Reply

    Hi Ziyi,
    I’m Jason from Malaysia. I truly admire your decision to restart your life with a new degree that brings you interest to your future career. Many people do not have this ability to restart like what you did, because they find time precious and they would want to get a job as soon as possible. Having such great courage to learn something new again is really stunning

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