Mass Spectrometry Position Available at Bowling Green State University

Position Summary
The Department of Chemistry maintains a facility that provides researchers critical and shared access to
a variety of mass spectrometers, including gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS), liquid
chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS), and matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-offlight
(MALDI-TOF) instruments. This position will oversee, supervise, and maintain this facility as well as
provide technical support to the other mass-spectrometry related instrumentation in both instructional
and individual faculty research labs. Since the primary facility users are doctoral students and post-docs,
training and assisting new users is an essential responsibility. The successful applicant will also provide
technical assistance for faculty grant writing activities seeking funding for upgraded equipment,
including that for high-resolution mass spectrometry, targeted through federal instrumentation

The oversight of this sophisticated instrumentation requires an applicant with expertise and extensive
experience in the field of mass spectrometry.

Essential Duties, Tasks and Responsibilities
• Carry out mass spectrometric analyses on samples submitted by the department’s research
groups. Assist researchers with interpretation of mass spectra.
• Establish and oversee a training protocol for students on the proper use of the various mass
spectrometers. Manage a process to certify students on each instrument. Schedule training
sessions at appropriate times in the semester.
• Carry out routine and preventative maintenance and minor repairs on all instruments including
the mass spectrometers, the gas and liquid chromatographs, and the vacuum systems.
• Maintain documentation of analytical routines/procedures and track instrument usage and
• Serve as the department contact for consultation with instrument vendor technical staff for
troubleshooting hardware and software problems, for assessing and coordinating assistance
with major repairs, and for acquiring and evaluating technical specifications to be used in
external proposal submissions seeking funding for upgraded instrumentation.
• Provide technical assistance and oversight for instrumentation in the instructional Organic
Chemistry Lab and the Integrated Analytical and Physical Lab. Assist with training students on
proper instrument use.

Knowledge, Skills or Abilities
It is expected that a successful candidate would have made extensive use of a variety of mass
spectrometry instrumentation during their doctoral research, including high-resolution instruments, or
have overseen a multi-user mass spectrometry facility. They would be expected to be knowledgeable
about selecting appropriate methods to handle a variety of sample types and to be able to assist the
graduate student/post-doc researchers with data interpretation.

Minimum Qualifications
A Master’s degree is required. A Doctoral degree is preferred. Successful candidate must have Master’s
degree conferred at the time of application or attained ABD status in a doctoral degree program.

The following experience is required:
• 1 year professional experience or 2 years doctoral GA experience operating and maintaining GCMS,
LC-MS, and MALDI-TOF mass-spectrometry instrumentation.

The following experience is preferred:
• Experience with high-resolution mass spectrometry is preferred.

Full-time, Administrative staff position available. Administrative Grade Level 355. Salary is
commensurate with education and experience. Full benefit package available.

Deadline to apply: March 19, 2020

To Apply
For a complete job description & to apply for this position visit or contact
the Office of Human Resources at (419) 372-8421. BGSU. AA/EEO/Disabilities/Veterans. In compliance
with the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA), if you have a disability and would like to request an
accommodation in order to apply for a position with Bowling Green State University, please call 419-