#RSCPoster Twitter Conference

I wanted to make you all aware of the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual Twitter poster conference and competition on March 3.  This is an entirely online 24 hour poster presentation in which chemistry researchers from around the world Tweet posters about their research and anyone can ask questions or provide feedback using the Twitter platform.  This might sound a little silly at first, but it’s actually become a pretty big event, and it’s like attending a traditional conference but without the financial costs, travel hassle, and environmental impacts.  Complete information can be found HERE.  You have to register ahead of time to be eligible to win prizes.

I will mention that you don’t necessarily have to present a poster to take part.  You can just browse through the posters by searching through #RSCPoster on Twitter.  And, on that note, Twitter is an entirely public platform, so be sure to check with your advisor about whether it’s OK to broadcast your research to the world before Tweeting your latest hot results.

If you do end up Tweeting your poster, I would ask that you please tag @OSU_CBC so that we drum up some publicity for the amazing science going on in our department!

Chris (@CThomas_group)

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