SMART Goals have changed the way that I view and create goals.  Before I learned about SMART goals, most of my goals were so large and long-term that I often felt overwhelmed, and it was easier to lose motivation to complete them.  I often did not know where to start or how I would get to where I wanted to end.  With creating goals that are SMART, I have been able to see much more success and motivation in my educational life.  Below is a short description of what SMART goals are and how to make them for yourself.

S– Specific: Be as specific as you can, including your purpose and as many details as possible.

M– Measurable: Use numbers, measurements, and exact quantities of the goal.

A– Achievable: Your goal must be realistic; creating a short-term goal may be helpful.

R– Relevant: Create a goal that matters to you or is vital to something important to you.

T– Time-Bound: Determine when exactly you want to achieve your goal by; include a specific time and date when possible.

Attached is a link to read more information on what SMART goals are, why they are valuable, and how to properly create them.

SMART Goals Help you Achieve Success

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