End of Sophomore Year – GOALS

Global Awareness: I have taken several classes that have helped me expand my global awareness, including a religions of the world course and multiple Spanish courses. However, the most prominent way I will be expanding my global awareness during my undergraduate career will be this summer. I am studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain for six weeks in order to fulfill some required classes for my minor. This will definitely help broaden my horizons and learn how interact with people from all over the world.

Original Inquiry: As a STEM major, many of my classes focus on expanding our overall understanding of science. While these classes do teach me information, they also allow us to explore how what we are learning is applied to the real world. This is done by extensive analysis of research papers and poster presentations. During my spring semester of 2020, I plan on joining a lab to assist with more original work and conduct research with some of the university’s phenomenal staff.

Academic Enrichment: I am fully confident that my honors contract will provide me with classes and educational experiences that will stick with me for the rest of my life. As a pre-health student, taking classes such as Anatomy, Physiology, Molecular Genetics, and more will allow me to go into my graduate school career prepared to take on the material that is required of me. However, I am not a biology major simply because I want to go into medicine, but I truly enjoy learning about biology of all things and how life on Earth works. This is why I have decided to take courses (Evolution and Ecology) on Ohio State’s Lake Erie Stone Lab during the summer of 2020. Not only will this fulfill the requirements for my major, but it will allow me to study biological concepts in the field, which is something that very few people have the opportunity to do in their undergraduate career. Lastly, my study abroad experience this summer will surely help me in understanding myself, but it will also enrich my academic and allow me to continue to learn something in depth other than science. Overall, my honors contract is filled with courses that will keep me motivated and allow me to come out of my undergraduate career as a well-rounded individual.

Leadership Development: I have recently become the Fundraising Chair for the Alpha Epsilon Delta Pre-medical Honors Society. This will allow me to expand upon my leadership abilities, but also practice with reaching out to people in both the medical and business fields when looking for support for our club and support for our philanthropies. Additionally, I have just become and initiated member of the Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity-OH Zeta chapter at Ohio State. This organization has already given me so much in pre-med education and allowed me to speak with professionals in the medical field that I never who have had the opportunity to do. Both of these organizations have allowed me to step out of my comfort zone in a school with so many people and truly find my place in it all.

Service Engagement: My absolute favorite service experience I have ever been a part of has been here at Ohio State. Every other Thursday, I was able to tutor children at Nationwide Children’s Hospital through Buckeye Tutor Team. Every child I encountered there was so sincere and so willing to interact. There were several times I did not want to leave, but instead stay and play with the amazing children there. Even though they were in the hospital, the kids and their families were always so welcoming to our help, which most of the time just turned into playing games. If I was able to make one child’s day just a little bit better, than the time I had given up to do so was 100% worth it. I plan on continuing volunteering there for the rest of my undergraduate years, but I also plan on applying to be a PCA at Nationwide. I love the atmosphere so much and this would be a great next step into my future career.

About Me

This is a picture of me (middle) with some of my friends this past summer. My name is Jess Chebra and I am a freshman at Ohio State. My career goals include going to medical school after undergrad and becoming some sort of doctor (obviously). Although  I am unsure of what I want to specialize in right now, I know my ultimate goal: to travel to less fortunate countries and provide aid for those who do not have access to it. Being able to treat those who have no other option would be more rewarding to me than all the money or riches I could get by being a highly paid doctor in the United States. I am from a town about 30 minutes east of Cleveland, Ohio. I live about a five minute drive from Lake Erie, and although its not an ocean, I love living on the water. Some other facts about me are that I have played fastpitch all my life and our high school team made it to the regional finals last year. I also played volleyball, basketball, and know how to play the piano.

Year in Review

I know I cannot do a full “Year in Review” considering it is still just the first semester, but I think that enough has happened this first semester of college that it would be appropriate as my first “Year in Review” post. I came into Ohio State thinking it would be relatively easy, and I was very incorrect. I have struggled with a lot of things, the most significant being time management. However, I have begun to understand my faults and am working to overcome my horrible organizational and time management skills. I know what skills I need to bring with me into the future and which bad habits I have to leave behind. I have already learned so much from being here and have loved almost every second of it, the good and the bad. I have made so many friendships, and some I suspect will last far into the future. I cannot wait to continue my journey here, and in four years, after I have already graduated, I hope that I fulfilled all I wanted to do and can leave Ohio State better than how I came.


Global Awareness: In order to achieve global awareness, I plan to study abroad through the university and volunteer abroad with clubs and organizations. I plan on studying abroad for a summer to accompany my Spanish minor.

Original Inquiry: I plan on engaging in my own research projects down the line, but I plan to utilize the extensive resources Ohio State has to offer and work with professors in their labs.

Academic Enrichment: I believe that although students should have a very good knowledge of their major, they should also learn about other topics. I plan on taking classes that will enrich me as a person as well as a student alongside the classes for my major. Also, I may study over the summer at the Stone Lab on the Lake Erie Islands.

Leadership Development: I will join clubs on campus focused on community service and assisting those who need it most. By doing this, I can work with my peers and suggest ideas that will further my career here at Ohio State.

Service Engagement: I plan to engage in service and work with the community here in Columbus and in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. I have already signed up for some service organizations and hope to help the community in any way I can.



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This book symbolizes the first time I was ever interested in medicine. I had to read this book for my summer biology project before sophomore year. The project was awful, probably one of the most lengthy projects I have ever done. This book, written by Richard Preston, is about the anthrax outbreak and the eradication of smallpox from the planet. It was one of the most interesting books I have ever read, even with the horrible project that went with it. Going into sophomore year, I was planning on becoming an environmental scientist, and I still felt that way through most of the year. However, this book sparked an interest in me about virology and immunology and, eventually, medicine. Without this book and the teacher who taught my biology class (and eventually my anatomy and physiology class) in high school, I think I would be on a very different path than I am today. This book and these classes taught me so much and interested me more than I ever had been before. By the end of my senior year of high school, I knew I wanted to go into medicine. Anatomy just made sense to me, and I truly enjoyed learning about it. This book is my artifact. Even though most of my classmates hated it, to me it is the beginning of a journey.

About Me

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