About me

Hello everyone!My name is Cheng Che,I’m from Xi’an, my hometown is a northern city in China ,it was usually called “thirteen ancient capitals”among people.When I was six years old,I started learning playing the piano,after almost twelve years,I have reached to level eight.Besides,I’m a really active and outgoing in life,I’d like to self-driving tour with my family.You can see the scenery along the way and allows people from different cultures to connect. My favorite sport is swimming because I think swimming can help me to keep health and fit,as well as a good way for me to stretch my arms and legs,boost my energy and refresh my mind so that it will help me to get away from diseases and illness.

Last summer vacation, I went on a self-driving tour with my family to QingHai.The most scenic spot that made me remember deeply is that “QingHai Lake”.It is the largest saltwater lake and inflow lake inChina.There are four mountains around QingHai Lake,The scenery of different seasons in QingHai Lake is very different. In the summer and autumn, the mountains and lakes of QingHai Lake are beautiful, and the tidy farmland of the lake is tumbling and fragrant. In the winter,QingHai Lake began to freeze and the vast lake surface silver-packed shining in the sun, radiating brilliant radiance.

In my application status last year, my advisor has gave me many suggestions about choosing my college.Finally,I choose to go to The Ohio State University because OSU has comprehensive subjects and prominent discipline among all universities in the world.Therefore, the campus’ environment is fabulous and the facilities a re perfect.When I finish my college life,I can use my university degree to get a good job when I get back to China.In addition,my major is sociology,the reason I choose sociology is that I have done many activities about social research.Such as:initiated a charity program to design interactive activities with autistic children under professional guidance in HK.Also, I’m really a warm-hearted person in life.In this way I decide to learn sociology in order to have more understanding and research about how to help people in need.