Diversity Post


I went to the weekly Muslim jumma prayer which occurs on Fridays in the Ohio Union Interfaith Room. Before the prayer, there is always a lecture called a khutba. In this khutba, the lecturer was talking about how to maintain a middle ground in religion and how that will help you make your faith more firm. I thought that the angle the person who was giving the khutba took was very interesting and I completely agreed with what he was saying. So far, in my entire life I have never heard a khutba like this one before. He talked about how it is very important to keep a steady relationship with God and Islam and to not go to extremes on either side because eventually you will bounce back to the other opposite end. He used the example of letting religion be the soil and basis in which you develop and grow that way you will always have it in you. Furthermore, he used the example of when wind or bad weather causes a tree to blow, it bends, but never breaks because it has strong roots. I thought that this example was very beautiful and very true.  This is what I believe and it adheres to the values my parents taught me. He said that your religion and sense of control should be strong and you will never lose it no matter what kinds of times come or whatever situations you are faced with. I thought this was a very unique topic because usually in khutba’s the topic is usually historical like stories of the prophets or what to do and what not to do in regards to religion. I think nowadays some people have complicated the religion of Islam portraying it in a harsh way. However, the true religion of Islam is very peaceful and does not ask much of its followers.

I believe that Ohio State is a very diverse university and it definitely does a lot in regards to helping people from all walks of life and background feel included and comfortable. The multicultural center provides many diversity events. At orientation there was a multicultural mixer the first evening. Not only do these events help the people of that background, religion, or culture feel more comfortable, it allows people of different walks of life expand their knowledge about different cultures or religions. This creates a deeper level of understanding that is needed in the work field and in life. I believe that Diversity and Inclusion is very important in making new students feel comfortable and like they belong at Ohio State. There are several student organizations for various religions and cultures which make people feel like they can hold onto their beliefs, values, and, true self. Diversity and Inclusion is important in every field of work including STEM because you will be working with several people who will most likely be of different backgrounds. In order to be successful, you have to believe in group work and in the fact that everyone’s opinion matters so that no one experiences prejudice.