Hello world!(Three takeways from class)

Three takeways from this class.

I learned how to manage my time from this lesson, like Trello, which I will mention below. I now make a to-do list a week in advance, and then check to see what needs to be done after class each day. It makes my study and life easier.

Don’t give up! When we choose a class or a task, we will certainly encounter difficulties, but this time to think about why we chose this goal, so that we will stick to it. Maybe you will feel that you have no choice but to give up when you encounter difficulties. But you only have to go through this difficult period, and after that you may find that the difficulty is not so difficult.

In addition, in this class, I think I have learned that if you want to have high learning efficiency, then you must find a suitable learning environment for you. This is important. Because everyone’s habits are different, maybe you prefer to study alone in the dormitory, maybe you like to study in the library, maybe you like to study with classmates. Or maybe you like to study in the morning or evening. When you find the right learning environment for yourself, you will enter the state of learning more quickly and be less influenced by your surroundings.


For me, I prefer to use Trello.This is a very convenient and practical software.Before that, I was not a very good student at arranging study plans, but after using this software.My study began to be well-organized, I could clearly know what I should do now, what I should do in an hour, and what has been completed.So I like this software very much.

Useful Learning Strategies

I prefer notability, which is an app that helps people take notes.You can choose different colors and lines to highlight what you want.And compared with note-taking with pen and paper, notability makes your drawing much easier and easier.Meanwhile, you do not need to prepare many notebooks of different subjects, but you only need to categorize in notability.