Under Revision

  1. The Impact of Hospital Information Technology Adoption Process on Quality of Care and Cost (with Luv Sharma) Revision at MSOM
  2.  Does Office of Patient Experience Matter in Improving Delivery of Care? (with Luv Sharma and Elliot Bendoly) Revision at Production and Operations Management
  3. Engaged Scholarship and Design Science Research: Linking Research and Practice (with Joan Van Aken, Andy Van de Ven and Brad Staats) Revision at Journal of Operations Management
  4. Task Performance in Knowledge Intensive Environments: An Empirical Analysis of the Interplay between Worker and Managerial Experience (with Juan Pablo Montanez and Fabrizio Salvador). Revision at Production and Operations Management.
  5. Product Complexity, Network Structure, and Product Innovation Performance (with Yingchao Lan, John Gray and Brett Massimino) Under Review at Journal of Operations Management
  6. Effect of R&D Portfolio Balance on Innovation Outcomes: Evidence from Emerging Economies (with Adrian Choo). Revision at Decision Sciences
  7. Design and Implementation of Standard Work on Care Delivery Performance: A Quasi-Experimental Investigation (with Gopesh Anand and Luv Sharma). Under Review at Journal of Operations Management  
  8. Collaboration Networks in Integrated Health-Care Delivery: Evidence from Accountable Care Organizations (with Yingchao Lan, Deepa Wani and Dan Walker) Resubmission at MSOM
  9. An Innovative Patient-Monitoring Program for Kidney Transplant Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial Leveraging Patients (with Chelsea Harwood, Shannon Harris, Yeojun Chun and Susan Moffatt-Bruce) Under Review at Implementation Science
  10. A Roadmap for Visualization in Practice-Oriented Operations Management Research (with Rahul Basole, Elliot Bendoly and Kevin Linderman) Under Review at Journal of Operations Management
  11. Optimizing huddle engagement through leadership and problem solving within primary care: results from a clustered randomized trial (with collaborators from Mayo Clinic) Under Review at Annals of Family Medicine
  12. Uncover the black box of Slack-Performance Relationship: An Investigation of the Impacts (with David Peng, David Ding and Yuan Ye) Under Review at Production and Operations Management