Chinese Linguistics Theses & Dissertations @ OSU (1965 –  )


M.A. Theses & Ph.D. Dissertations in the Graduate Program in Chinese Linguistics, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL) (1971 –  )

Note: Many of the Ph.D. dissertations listed on this webpage are available online as full-text PDF files from OSU Libraries. M.A. theses became available in the OSU Libraries as full-text PDF files beginning in 2009. Ohio State patrons also have free access to full-text PDF files of doctoral dissertations that date from at least the 1980s onwards at ProQuest Dissertations & Theses.

Note: Included on this page is information on current faculty members in Chinese linguistics in DEALL (viz., Professors Marjorie K.M. Chan and Zhiguo Xie) and other DEALL faculty members serving as committee members in Chinese linguistics thesis and dissertation committees. For a list of my advisees only — and those on whose thesis/dissertation committee that I have served on — past and present, see: Students. (Various group photos are also placed there.)

  1. Prof. Xinzhong Liu - ICS visit - 2014.02-21Bae, Jaesuk. 1993 M.A. thesis. The development of the syllable initial system in Chinese and in Sino-Korean. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  2. Bourgerie, Dana Scott. 1987 M.A. thesis. Particles of uncertainty: A discourse approach to the Cantonese final particle.  (Advisor: Timothy Light)
  3. Bourgerie, Dana Scott. 1990 Ph.D. diss. A quantitative study of sociolinguistic variation in Cantonese. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  4. Butler, Craig. 1990 M.A. thesis. An examination of ‘dao Place (qu)’ and ‘qu Place’ in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor in Au 89-Wi 90: Marjorie K.M. Chan; Advisor for oral defence in Sp 90: Robert Sanders)
  5. Litong and Dingding's event (Se[t 2012)Chan, Thomas A. 2001 M.A. thesis. Orthographic change: Yue (Cantonese) Chinese dialect characters in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  6. Chao, Fang-yi. 1998 Ph. D. diss. The sound system of the Qieyun: A phonemic interpretation. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  7. Chen, Litong. 2012 M.A. thesis. Shaoguan Tuhua, a local vernacular of northern Guangdong Province, China: A new look from a quantitative and contact linguistic perspective. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Zhiguo Xie, Committee Member)
  8. Chen, Litong. 2016. Ph.Diss. Dapeng dialect: An undocumented Cantonese-Hakka mixed language in Southern China. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Zhiguo Xie, Committee Member)
  9. Chiang, Mien-Hwa. 1984 M.A. thesis. Three common reduplicated coordinate conjunctions in Chinese. (Advisor: Timothy Light)
  10. Chiang, Mien-Hwa. 1992 Ph.D. diss. A study of anaphora in Chinese recipe discourse. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai)
  11. Chou, Shizhen. 1989 Ph.D. diss. Hong Wu Zheng Yun: Its relation to the Nanjing dialect and its impact on Standard Mandarin. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  12. ICS - WB & group - Oct 2012Christensen, Matthew. 1990 M.A. thesis. The punctual aspect in Chinese: A study of the perfective and inchoative aspect markers in Mandarin and Cantonese.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  13. Christensen, Matthew. 1994 Ph.D. diss. Variation in spoken and written narrative discourse. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  14. Cockrum, Paul. 2022 M.A. thesis. Taiwanese Southern Min: Identity and written sociolinguistic variation. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  15. Davis, Junko. 2004 M.A. thesis. A Prosodic study of the ‘inverted sentence’ in Beijing Mandarin.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  16. Dean, Henry. 1983 M.A. thesis. Rules for Mandarin le deletion. (Advisor: Timothy Light)
  17. Fang, Ning-ning. 1971 M.A. thesis. A study of the 1956 scheme for simplifying Chinese characters. (Advisor: Eugene Ching)
  18. Fung, Roxana Suk Yee. 2000 Ph.D. diss. Final particles in Standard Cantonese: Semantic extension and pragmatic inference.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Timothy Light, External Committee Member)
  19. Gilliland, Joshua. 2006 M.A. thesis. Language attitudes and ideologies in Shanghai, China.  (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  20. NACCL-24 - 2012Gomes, Skylor E. 2020 M.A. thesis. Chinese government response to the 2019 Hong Kong Protests: A corpus-based lexical study. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Zhiguo Xie and Mineharu Nakayama, Committee Members) [Note: This thesis is completed in the M.A. Program in East Asian Studies, administered by OSU East Asian Studies Center.]
  21. He, Baozhang. 1985 M.A. thesis. The two constructions NP + VP and VP + de + NP in Chinese. (Advisor: Timothy Light)
  22. He, Baozhang. 1992 Ph.D. diss. Situation types and aspectual classes of verbs in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  23. Han, Yuan. 1991 M.A. thesis. The language of newspaper advertising in Chinese. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  24. Hu, Wenze. 1989 M.A. thesis. The inverted sentence in the Beijing dialect. (Advisor: James H-Y. Tai)
  25. Hu, Wenze. 1995 Ph.D. diss. Functional perspectives and Chinese word order. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  26. Jagacinski, Ngampit. 1987 Ph.D. diss. Tai Lue of Xishuanebanna in China’s Yunnan Province: Description and a study of the OV order in the Pau construction. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  27. IACL-18/NACCL-22 - 2010Jin, Shunde. 1996 Ph.D. diss. An acoustic study of sentence stress in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  28. Kang, Hana. 2004 M.A. thesis. Heritage language maintenance, acculturation, and identity: Chinese and Korean 1.5 generation immigrants in New Jersey.  (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  29. Kang, Hana. 2010 Ph.D. diss. Computer-based writing and paper-based writing: A study of beginning-level and intermediate-level Chinese learners’ writing. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan; Co-Advisor: Alan Hirvela, Education)
  30. NACCL-20 - Buckeye dinner - 2008Kim, Youngman. 1989 Ph.D. diss. Middle Mandarin phonology: A study based on Korean data. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  31. King, Brian. 1989 Ph.D. diss. The conceptual structure of emotional experience in Chinese. (Advisor: James H-Y. Tai)
  32. Lee, Ok Joo. 2000 M.A. thesis. The pragmatics and intonation of ma-particle questions in Mandarin. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  33. Lee, Ok Joo. 2005 Ph.D. diss. The prosody of questions in Beijing Mandarin.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  34. NACCL-20 - DEALL reunion - 2008Liao, Rongrong. 1994 Ph.D. diss. Pitch contour formation in Mandarin Chinese: A study of tone and intonation.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  35. Lin, Huey Hannah. 2005 Ph.D. diss. Contextualizing linguistic politeness in Chinese — A socio-pragmatic approach with examples from persuasive sales talks in Taiwan Mandarin.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  36. Liu, Cheng-hui. 1988 M.A. thesis. Analytical study of the Lingbao dialect. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  37. NACCL-20 2008Liu, Cheng-hui. 1991 Ph.D. diss. Nouns, nominalization and denominalization in Classical Chinese: A study based on Mencius and Zuozhuan. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  38. McGinnis, Scott. 1990 Ph.D. diss. A pragmatic analysis of Mandarin interrogatives: Data from modern Taiwan drama. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  39. Miracle, William Charles. 1987 M.A. thesis. Chinese/English code switching: A preliminary inquiry. (Advisor: Timothy Light)
  40. Miracle, William Charles. 1991 Ph.D. diss. Discourse markers in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: James H-Y. Tai)
  41. CLTA 2008Pan, Junquan. 2018 M.A. thesis. Constructing a gay persona: A sociophonetic case study of an LGBT talk show in Taiwan. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Zhiguo Xie, Committee Member)
  42. Ratté, Alexander Takenobu. 2011 M.A. thesis. Contact-induced phonological change in Taiwanese. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  43. Riha, Helena. 2006 M.A. thesis. The morphology and semantics of Roman letter words in Mandarin Chinese.  (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  44. CLTA 2006Rouzer, John (Jack) Harvey. 1997 Ph.D. diss. Ontological metaphor in Chinese syntax. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  45. Sergent, Wallace K., Jr. 1990 Ph.D. diss. A study of the oral reading strategies of advanced and highly advanced second language readers of Chinese. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  46. Seung, Shauna. 1998 M.A. thesis. Towards accuracy in Chinese tonal production: Seven case studies.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  47. NACCL-17 2005Shen, Haibing. 1997 M.A. thesis. Gender and conversational interaction in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study of radio talk shows. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  48. Shen, Jingdi. 2018 M.A. thesis. Regional lexical variation in Modern Written Chinese: Analysis and characterization using geo-tagged social media. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  49. Shi, Jianguo. 1994 Ph.D. diss. Shuyang phonology. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  50. NACCL-17 June 2005Tan, Yutian. 2017 Ph.D. diss. Classifying Siyi Cantonese Using Quantitative Approaches. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Zhiguo Xie and Mary Beckman, Committee Members)
  51. Tang, Jian. 1996 Ph.D. diss. Prototypes in Lesser Seal scripts (China, ca. 221 BC – AD 220).   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  52. Wang, Lianqing. 1994 Ph.D. diss. Origin and development of classifiers in Chinese. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  53. Wang, Qian. 2015. M.A. thesis. Focus placement and interpretations of bare gradable adjectives in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Zhiguo Xie) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  54. Group photo from NACCL-20 (2008)Wiener, Seth. 2015 Ph.D. diss. The representation, organization and access of lexical tone by native and non-native Mandarin speakers. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan, Co-Advisor: Shari Speer, Linguistics)
  55. Wu, Sue-mei. 1994 M.A. thesis. Instrumentality in Classical Chinese: A study of the function word yi with special reference to The Confucian Analects. (Advisor: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh)
  56. Wu, Sue-mei. 1997 Ph.D. diss. The coverbs in Classical Chinese. (Advisors: Frank Feng-sheng Hsueh and Yan-shuan Lao) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  57. Group photo from NACCL-20 (2008)Wu, Xiaoqi. 1996 Ph.D. diss. Zai, dao, and gei constructions — A study of Chinese word order. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  58. Xu, Wang. 2006 M.A. thesis. A comparison of Chinese and Taiwan Sign Languages: Towards a new model for sign language comparison.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (James H-Y. Tai, External Committee Member)
  59. Yan, Jing. 2008 Ph.D. diss. Social variation of Vernacular Written Cantonese in Guangzhou (Canton City), China.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  60. MC - JY - DK - 08.19.2023Yang, Chunsheng (George). 2011 Ph.D. diss. The acquisition of Mandarin prosody by American learners of Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL). (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  61. Yang, Seojin. 2023 Ph.D. diss. Language, gender, and identity: The case of sajiao communication style. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Mineharu Nakayama & Zhiguo Xie, Committee Members)
  62. Yang, Yan. 2003 M.A. thesis. Ne in the novel Honglou Meng (Dream of the Red Chamber): Gender, social status and a sentence-final particle.   (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  63. Ye, Jinwei. 2021. M.A. thesis. Cross-categorical intensification: The case of Cantonese -gwai2. (Advisor: Zhiguo Xie) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)
  64. Ye, Xuan. 2023. M.A. thesis. Flowers of Shanghai: A dialectology perspective on the 1998 film. (Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan) (Patricia Sieber, Committee Member)
  65. Zhou, Lieting. 1994 M.A. thesis. On the occurrence conditions of localizers in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: James H.-Y. Tai) (Marjorie K.M. Chan, Committee Member)

Theses & Disserations with Chinese Linguistics Topics in Other OSU Units (1965 –  )

  1. Ao, Benjamin Xiaoping. 1993 Ph.D. diss. Phonetics and phonology of Nantong Chinese. (Advisor: David Odden, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  2. Chang, Chiung-Yun. 2010 Ph.D. diss. Dialect differences in the production and perception of Mandarin Chinese tones. (Advisor Robert Fox, Speech and Hearing Sciences; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  3. Dai, Xiang-ling. 1992 Ph.D. diss. Chinese morphology and its interface with syntax. (Advisor: Arnold M. Zwicky, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: James H-Y. Tai)
  4. Dong, Xinran. 2009 Ph.D. diss. Requests in academic settings in English, Russian and Chinese. (Advisor: Daniel E. Collins, Slavic & East European L & L; Co-Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan, DEALL)
  5. Elliott, Dale Eugene. 1965 M.A. thesis. Interrogation in English and Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Charles J. Fillmore/William S-Y. Wang (?), Linguistics)
  6. Fon, Yee-Jean Janice. 2002 Ph.D. diss. A cross-linguistic study on syntactic and discourse boundary cues in spontaneous speech. (Advisor: Keith Johnson, Linguistics)
  7. Gao, Qian. 2001 Ph.D. diss. Argument structure, HPSG, and Chinese grammar. (Advisor: Carl J. Pollard, Linguistics)
  8. Gomes, Skylor Evan. 2020 M.A. thesis. Chinese government response to the 2019 Hong Kong Protests: A corpus-based lexical study. (Interdiscplinary M.A. in East Asian Studies, EASC; Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan, DEALL)
  9. Hashimoto, Anne Yue. 1966 Ph.D. diss. Embedding structures in Mandarin. (Advisor: William S-Y. Wang, Linguistics)
  10. Hashimoto, Mantaro J. 1965 Ph.D. diss. Phonology of Ancient Chinese. (Advisor: William S-Y. Wang, Linguistics)
  11. Huang, Shuan-Fan. 1966 M.A. thesis. Subject and object in Mandarin. (Advisor: William S-Y. Wang, Linguistics)
  12. Huang, Shuan-Fan. 1971 Ph.D. diss. A study of adverbs. (Advisor: Charles J. Fillmore, Linguistics)
  13. Huang, Tsan. 2004 Ph.D. diss. Language-specificity in auditory perception of Chinese tones. (Advisor: Keith Johnson, Linguistics; DEALL Commmittee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  14. Hung, Tsun-Hui. 2011 Ph.D. diss. One music? Two musics? How many musics? Cognitive ethnomusicological, behavioral, and fMRI study on vocal and instrumental rhythm processing. (Advisor: Udo Will, Music; DEALL Commmittee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  15. Lee, Gina. 1993 Ph.D. diss. Comparative, diachronic and experimental perspectives on the interaction between tone and vowel in standard Cantonese. (Advisor: Brian Joseph, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  16. Li, Fangfang. 2008 Ph.D. diss. The phonetic development of voiceless sibilant fricatives in English, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Mary E. Beckman, Linguistics)
  17. Lin, Hwei-Bing. 1982 M.A. thesis. Comparison of the differences in tone sandhi among slow speech, normal speech and fast speech in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Robert A. Fox, Linguistics)
  18. Lin, Yuhan. 2018. Ph.D. diss. Stylistic Variation and Social Perception in Second Dialect Acquisition. (Advisor: Kathryn Campbell-Kibler; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  19. Lu, Hsiao Tung. 1972 Ph.D. diss. The verb-verb construction in Mandarin Chinese. (Advisor: Arnold M. Zwicky, Linguistics)
  20. Lu, Xiaofei. 2006 Ph.D. diss. Hybrid models or Chinese unknown word resolution. (Advisor: Detmar Meurers, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  21. Pan, Ho-hsien. 1994 Ph.D. diss. The voicing contrasts of Taiwanese (Amoy) initial stops: Data from adults and children. (Advisor: Robert A. Fox, Speech and Hearing Science)
  22. Peng, Shu-hui. 1995 Ph.D. diss. Phonetic implementation and perception of segmental coarticulation and tone sandhi. (Advisor: Mary E. Beckman, Linguistics) (Marjorie K.M. Chan was a Committee Member from DEALL but was unable to attend the oral defence.)
  23. Riha, Helena. 2008 Ph.D. diss. Lettered words and Roman letter characters in Chinese writing: A study of alphabetic writing in Chinese newswires. (Advisor: Mary E. Beckman, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  24. Sheu, Ying-yu. 1990 Ph.D. diss. Topics in a Categorial Theory of Chinese syntax. (Advisor: David Dowty, Linguistics; DEALL Commmittee Member: James H-Y. Tai)
  25. Shih, Barbara Mei. 1966 M.A. thesis. Negation in Chinese. (Advisor: Charles J. Fillmore, Linguistics)
  26. Shih, Ya-ting. 2012 Ph.D. diss. Taiwanese-Guoyu bilingual children and adults’ sibilant production patterns. (Advisor: Leslie C. Moore, Teaching and Learning, Education; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  27. Thompson, Sandra A. 1965 M.A. thesis. English and Mandarin Chinese: Definite and indefinite determiners and modifying clause structures. (Advisor: Charles J. Fillmore, Linguistics)
  28. Thompson, Sandra A. 1969 Ph.D. diss. On relative clause structure in relation to the nature of sentence complexity. (Advisor: Charles J. Fillmore, Linguistics)
  29. Unkefer, James Bruce. 1982. Hakka Chinese tones: An acoustic and perceptual study. M.A. thesis. Advisor Robert Fox, Linguistics)
  30. Wong, Wai Yi Peggy. 2006 Ph.D. diss. Syllable fusion in Hong Kong Cantonese spontaneous speech. (Advisor: Mary E. Beckman, Linguistics; Co-Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan, DEALL)
  31. Xu, Lei. 2007 Ph.D. diss. Phonological variation and word recognition in continuous speech. (Advisor: Shari Speer, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  32. Yan, Qingyang. 2017 Ph.D. diss. Factors influencing generalization and maintenance of cross-category imitation of Mandarin regional variants. (Advisor: Cynthia Clopper, Linguistics)
  33. Yang, Jing. 2013 Ph.D. diss. Acoustic properties of vowel production in Mandarin-English bilingual and corresponding monolingual children aged 3-7 years. (Advisor: Robert Fox, Speech and Hearing Sciences; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  34. Zhang, Jennifer Qian. 2016. Ph.D. diss. Nonsibilant fricative acquisition by bilingual Guoyu-Taiwanese Southern Min children. (Advisor: Mary Beckman)
  35. Zhang, Zheng-sheng. 1988 Ph.D. diss. Tone and tone sandhi in Chinese. (Advisor: Arnold Zwicky, Linguistics; DEALL Committee Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)
  36. Zhu, Yuhong. 2023 Ph.D. diss. Tone, metrical structure and intonation in Suzhou Chinese: Data, theory, typological implications. (Advisor: Björn Koehnlein, Linguistics; DEALL Committe Member: Marjorie K.M. Chan)

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Former Graduate Students in the M.A. Non-Thesis Option of the Graduate Program in Chinese Linguistics, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures (DEALL), OSU

  1. Cao, Huiyi. (M.A. 1992) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  2. Choi, Bumyong. (M.A. 2004) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  3. Choi, Ho Jung. (Au 2005 – Sp 2006) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  4. Frerichs, Warren. (Au 1999 – Wi 2001) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  5. He, Yi. (M.A. 2008) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  6. Huan, Sha (M.A. 2017) – Advisor: Zhiguo Xie
  7. Jiang, Ping. (M.A. 1987) – Advisor: Frank Hsueh (?)
  8. Peng, Rui. (M.A. 1999) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan
  9. Zheng, Rongbin (M.A. 2009) – Advisor: Marjorie K.M. Chan