Visual connecting to goals

This picture shows several equipment that I used in Organic Chemistry lab. And this is related to my long term in terms of my future career and take this experience for my future research lab. It helps me develop my practical skills.

Statement of action

This statement is to achieve my goals.

In order to achieve academic successfully, I am going to use my time wisely and manage the time. Also, spending time at library and studying with other people would be helpful plan to achieve a goal.

In terms of extracurricular, I want to involve in club that can develop my leadership skill and join a volunteering that I had never experienced before. Lastly, I am looking for research lab to improve my knowledge regarding my field.

For my remaining period, I will do my best to accomplish my goal by making myself to follow the statement I have commented.


Vision Statement

I have a goal that I want to accomplish since I was really young. My very first goal is to become a dentist. Also, if there is a chance, I want to specialize in Orthodontics. In order to reach my goal, I have to set out vision statement and accomplish a good academic year and other extracurricular activities for my remaining career. I am going to involve in various clubs and experience different types of volunteer work. Also, I want to take a position of leader and manage my time well for my work.

End of second year reflection

During the second year, I had different upperclassmen courses that expanded my knowledge and it reminds me the theories that I had learned in my lower courses. For example, Organic chemistry course was a different topic when we compare to General chemistry. Organic chemistry helped me think deeply in terms of chemistry and learned application in our daily lives. In terms of volunteering and other opportunities, I am volunteer at Asian Health Initiative Free Clinic. This place helped me develop my future career since the experience that I learned was totally related to my career. Also, working in the hospital developed my interest in terms of my science field. In addition, I will do volunteer job in South Korea and am going to apply the experience and skills that I had learned during my second year. Also, I am going to have an experience of shadowing for dentistry field.

Finalized Abstract

My e-portfolio has several events that I had attended in biological Sciences Scholars program. My GOALS and Career information can be found in my blog and these are related to my future career. Also, end of second year reflection shows experiences that I had learned as a member of Biological Science Scholars and academic career for each year.Furthermore, all the events and volunteer works that I have done are reflected and give an idea what I did during my second year.

Scholars Movie Event

One of my best scholars events was watching a movie with friends. I watched the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the Gateway Film Center.

From this experience, I learned my friends’ cultures and learned about what American movies are like. And I really enjoyed the time.

End of Semester Reflection

Although every experience done in the first semester was new, they were interesting and wonderful. Throughout the scholars programs, I met many people and had opportunity to volunteer for the community. I made close relationships with people and  I learned a lot about volunteer works. And this scholars program encouraged me with different challenges and new experiences that I might face in the future. One of my expectation for the year is that I would have more chances to commit on community services and used several resourced that are available in the school.  All in all, I can say my first semester at The Ohio State University was successful and made unforgettable experiences.


Global Awareness: Global awareness means how much you are involved in the world. For me, I am studying abroad in America since I am an international student. Many of my friends are come from different country. Therefore, I am learning different cultures diversely from different countries. This makes me as a global person. Also, I am planning to take Spanish for my foreign language course. Learning foreign language would help me learn their cultures too. I am pretty sure these things are going to fit me into the global person.

Original Inquiry: I am planning to join university research during my Sophomore year. From this research, I will be able to find my original inquiry and expand my knowledge about my field.

Academic Enrichment: I think academic enrichment is the process how student can develop their academic with student’s interest. For me, I am going to challenge with difficult subjects related to my major such as Sciences.  Also, I am planning to join dental-club to get a knowledge about my field and it will help me when I apply for dental school.

Leadership Development: I think I am developing my leadership skills through studying with my friends. I am helping out them in the course and I also learning from them. And I am planning to apply for the student organization in the school. And I will be more engaged in leadership in the community.

Service Engagement: At the moment, I have done some community services provided by scholars community service. And I am planning to join the Wexner Medical Center to help people and to get a new experience. This experience would make me better person.





Donghyun Chae resume for scholars-2kycvon

Here is my resume. Feel free to check it out and learn what I have done.

In my high school, I have been a member of National Honor Society where I had developed my leadership and coordinate the peer tutoring and any other community outreach programs. As an addition, I joined the Global Issues Network which is a volunteer service helping the local dialysis patients. Here at the Ohio State University, I participated Trick or Treat for Canned Goods and Zero waste which are volunteer services around the campus. Regarding academics, I graduated high school with Headmaster’s degree.