Scholars Movie Event

One of my best scholars events was watching a movie with friends. I watched the movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle at the Gateway Film Center.

From this experience, I learned my friends’ cultures and learned about what American movies are like. And I really enjoyed the time.

End of Semester Reflection

Although every experience done in the first semester was new, they were interesting and wonderful. Throughout the scholars programs, I met many people and had opportunity to volunteer for the community. I made close relationships with people and  I learned a lot about volunteer works. And this scholars program encouraged me with different challenges and new experiences that I might face in the future. One of my expectation for the year is that I would have more chances to commit on community services and used several resourced that are available in the school.  All in all, I can say my first semester at The Ohio State University was successful and made unforgettable experiences.


Global Awareness: Global awareness means how much you are involved in the world. For me, I am studying abroad in America since I am an international student. Many of my friends are come from different country. Therefore, I am learning different cultures diversely from different countries. This makes me as a global person. Also, I am planning to take Spanish for my foreign language course. Learning foreign language would help me learn their cultures too. I am pretty sure these things are going to fit me into the global person.

Original Inquiry: I am planning to join university research during my Sophomore year. From this research, I will be able to find my original inquiry and expand my knowledge about my field.

Academic Enrichment: I think academic enrichment is the process how student can develop their academic with student’s interest. For me, I am going to challenge with difficult subjects related to my major such as Sciences.  Also, I am planning to join dental-club to get a knowledge about my field and it will help me when I apply for dental school.

Leadership Development: I think I am developing my leadership skills through studying with my friends. I am helping out them in the course and I also learning from them. And I am planning to apply for the student organization in the school. And I will be more engaged in leadership in the community.

Service Engagement: At the moment, I have done some community services provided by scholars community service. And I am planning to join the Wexner Medical Center to help people and to get a new experience. This experience would make me better person.





Donghyun Chae resume for scholars-2kycvon

Here is my resume. Feel free to check it out and learn what I have done.

In my high school, I have been a member of National Honor Society where I had developed my leadership and coordinate the peer tutoring and any other community outreach programs. As an addition, I joined the Global Issues Network which is a volunteer service helping the local dialysis patients. Here at the Ohio State University, I participated Trick or Treat for Canned Goods and Zero waste which are volunteer services around the campus. Regarding academics, I graduated high school with Headmaster’s degree.



Actually, I was a captain in my soccer team. I was a goalkeeper and I led the team as a good team. First time, it was a really tough for me to be a leader in the team because I had to control them and make a good collaboration in our team. One good thing that I learned in the team was that I was able to learn what leadership is. Now, I am confident of leading the team and I can face any other though challenges. I am pretty sure there will be many hard challenges that I am going to face in my life such as graduate school or career. However, I can still overcome those challenges like what I did in my high school.

About Me

Hello! My name is Donghyun Chae. I am from South Korea. I had studied in the Philippines since I was grade 6. Therefore, I was able to learn two different cultures since I was young. I also graduated my high school in the Philippines. In my high school, I loved to play sports. For this reason, I joined volleyball and soccer varsity team. I was even captain in the soccer team. This experiences made me strong, outgoing, and cheerful man. I chose Biological science scholars because I believe I can learn a lot of things related to science such as researching program, medical-clubs, etc. Also, this scholars would definitely shape me as a good dentist which I am looking forward to it.