Welcome to the OSU CFAES Staff Advisory Council blog!

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The purpose of the Council is to:

* Provide a formal vehicle for staff participation in the betterment of the College by shaping an environment that promotes mutual respect, builds teams, and creates a compelling place to work and learn;

* Increase the efficiency and scope of communication within the College and University by:
– Serving as the staff voice/liaison to the Vice President/Dean
– Relaying communication from the Vice President/Dean to staff,
– Facilitating staff-to-staff communication, and
– Broadening university-wide communication through its relationship with the University Staff Advisory Committee;

* Support the CFAES Core Goal “To be the standard of excellence for colleges of food, agricultural, and environmental sciences.”

We sincerely thank you for all that you do for CFAES! Please feel free to contact us at CFAES-SAC@osu.edu.

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