What is the Real Reason People Quit?

You have probably heard the saying, “people don’t quit a job, they quit a boss.”  SHRM partnered with Harvard Business Review to do a survey at Facebook to find out if that statement is accurate.    The results of the survey indicate when people wanted to keep people from leaving, the people left anyway, it was not because of their manager.

While it’s true that people are more likely to quit when they have horrible bosses, not all people leave because of their boss.  The survey showed most people left employment because of the work.  They left when their job wasn’t enjoyable, they weren’t growing in their careers and their strengths weren’t being used.

So, while the direct answer was the people did not quit a manager, they quit a job; the manager is responsible for creating an enjoyable workplace.

If you want to keep your people, especially your stars, pay more attention to how their work is designed.  Create the job around the person’s strengths and talents.   Enable people to do work they enjoy, play to the person’s strengths and carve a path for career development which accommodates personal priorities.

Talk with your team members; it is the best way to learn their strengths, talents, and goals.

www.shrm.org  “The Real Reason People Quit Their Jobs” January 23, 2018, Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brnn Harrington and Adam Grant

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