Becoming a Transformational Leader

If you notice that employees are putting in minimal effort, it’s often due to the fact the leaders are doing the same.  Leaders who are transformational have to enable employees to flourish.

Be crystal clear about what your purpose is, it will shape everything else you do.  Be sure to have time to think strategically, this will allow you to operate tactically.

Use your coach or mentor to help you think positively.  Be aware of the gap between your intent and impact on employees.  Ask yourself, how is my leadership helping or hindering the performance of the department?

Tell your customers and employees exactly what they can expect from you.  This will remove any ambiguity and uncertainty.  It will also allow people to say “yes” to your requests faster and easier.

Stop making priorities until you have identified what your purpose is.

You achieve transformational results when you surround yourself with people who are tenacious and don’t give up easily.

Look for advice rather than feedback.  Asking for advice from someone gives that person a heightened sense of engagement. “How to Be a Transformational Leader” January 17, 2018, Dori Meinert

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