Employee Recognition Matters By Glenda Strickland

What drives you to wake up every morning, bear traffic, sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, sit through more traffic to go home just to wake up and do the same thing all over again tomorrow? Maybe it is the love of your job, the paycheck you receive or the dire need for routine responsibilities on a daily basis. While most people have differing reasons the most likely answer to this question is, they feel appreciated for the work they do and the contributions and loyalty to their employer whether it be from a CEO, manager or coworker.

According to Donald O. Clifton, author of “How Full Is Your Bucket?” employee recognition is the driving force behind most employee’s willingness to stay at a company. It increases productivity and engagement among colleagues and it enforces better customer service.

One way to create a culture of praise and appreciation is to develop day to day recognition for employees. Mike Byam, Managing Partner of Terryberry Company details in his book, “The Wow! Workplace” a few general themes that help to establish this type of atmosphere. These include [excerpted from “The Wow! Workplace”]:

  • Managers should train themselves to become praise professionals. Building a productive working relationship requires that managers take the time to notice when employees are doing the right things instead of just when things go wrong.
  • Instead of waiting to learn about major employee contributions, managers should become proactive and spend part of each working day searching out employees’ contributions that they can reward on the spot.
  • Encouraging coworkers to applaud and recognize helpful contributions.

Developing a new culture, especially in the workplace, isn’t always the easiest task for anybody to take on however, recognition is infectious and once the culture begins to change you will start to notice increased morale, positive emotions, and eventually self-reinforcement. So the next time we notice our colleague doing something to help our team, acknowledge their effort and hard work it may be the catalyst for the change we want to see!

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