New Boss and Building Trust with Employees

Communicate with your team; don’t just talk.  Ask your team questions and listen to the answers and suggestions.  It is important to sit down and talk to your new team as often as possible.  Ask your team for ideas and feedback; the good, the bad and the ugly.  This helps to keep the lines of communication open.

Be confident as the new leader.  Also show confidence in the team’s ability.  Let the team develop the skills they need to be successful.  Encourage and boost the team’s confidence and remind them no idea is to outrageous to consider.


Commit to your team as much as they commit to you, if not more.  This will develop over time.  Commitment comes naturally with a constant stream of communication and mutual respect.  Commitment mean trusting your team to do their jobs.

Being a successful leader boils down to trust and respect.  If you show your team that you trust and respect them, they will respond in kind. Your team will also be more engaged and productive. “How Every New Boss Should Build Trust with Employees” April 8, 2017, Kammi Skrzypek

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