Training Managers is Important

We are all human and will make mistakes, however, the mistakes managers may make may have more of an impact.  HR’s biggest mistake may be failing to train and educate managers.  What are some mistakes we need to train our managers to avoid?

  1. Failure to document. HR 101 teaches us to document, document, document.  Be honest and direct with employees.  Document properly any performance problems, this may be done in notes, performance evaluations, e-mails and other performance documents.
  2. Neglecting to pay overtime. While many non-exempt employees want to work over 40 hours and not be paid, we need to be sure we pay them (or offer comp time).  Remember to tell managers the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) require non-exempt employees be paid for all hours worked.
  3. Playing favorites. Indulging in gossip and stereotypes create a dynamic where a supervisor may be viewed as a henchman a not as a helpful and transparent supervisor to all.
  4. Compliance miscalculations. Many managers know of one or two HR laws, however, we need to train them on more or make sure they call us before making decisions. For example, was it taken into consideration before a recommendation for termination that an employee may be eligible for the Americans with Disabilities Act even though their Family & Medical Leave expired?
  5. Failure to accommodate. When an employee asks for an accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act, be sure to get Scott Lissner involved.
  6. Turning a blind eye to bullying. Offer anti-bullying training.

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