Stay Positive

From time to time, we might struggle with negativity in the work place. Steve Gilliland, speaker and author of “Hide Your Goat” addresses ways to stay positive when negativity surrounds you.  Maybe your mom or dad once told you, don’t let them ‘get your goat’, what does that really mean? We all come from different backgrounds and have different experiences that make up our personalities in and outside of the work place. Gilliland addresses a variety of strategies to eliminate how other push our buttons, or get the best of us. Here are a few tips we might all try to start with a positive attitude that will help us through the day.

Take your daily vitamins – literally and otherwise

Find something that brings joy to your life. Is that spending time with your family, friends, gardening, exercising, attending a concert, a hobby or something else? Make sure you schedule it to ensure you actually have time to do it!

Take a big gulp and swallow your pride

It’s hard for us at times to admit we were wrong. That just might be the best option, at times if that is truly the case.

Laughter is the best medicine

How many times do you laugh at work? How many times do you laugh when you are with your family and friends? Try to find something to lighten the day and have a laugh, hopefully it will make you feel better.

You’re responsible for you

It’s our responsibility to feed our own goat with positivity and the right diet.  Make sure we are balancing our work and life so we can enjoy both.

We have a tough job, don’t let people ‘get your goat’, stay positive and ‘Hide Your Goat’!

Written by Julie Townsend

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