Being kind and showing gratitude

I came across an HR article simply titled “Kindness” which made me reflect on how we treat each other in the workplace. I know for myself there have been times when I have forgotten to show someone that I was grateful. Usually, it just seems easier to focus on what someone does wrong or to blame others when things don’t go right. Why is it so hard to tell someone “thank you” or to tell them they did a great job. Why do we tend to focus on the negative?

 Finding ways at work to help others is one of the simplest things we can do to create an environment of kindness. In the article, it mentioned how one of the kindest things we can do is to lift others up around us. Asking someone their thoughts or input or sharing the recognition you receive with a colleague who helped make it happen, are all ways you can show others how much you value their leadership.

When we remember that our co-workers are all doing the best they can, it’s easy to appreciate our colleagues for their efforts and be supportive of those who might be struggling. It makes for a nicer work environment (think perk) and an even nicer life (think culture).

Being kind to people means more than caring about their concerns or appreciating their contribution.  It means truly recognizing the humanity of a colleague without thinking about how what you do may benefit you.


Written by India Fuller




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