Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Everyone occasionally needs a bit of help to remain engaged and motivated.  These are ideas for fun and easy workplace morale boosters.

  1. Let it Grow – Plant flowers, in pots, which can be purchased for an average of $2 each. Employees could decorate their pots and grow the flowers at their desks.  This may even encourage team work by asking others to help water your flower when you are out of the office.  Generate more participation by offering competitive categories:  largest bloom or most decorative post.
  2. Cool Treats – When it is hot out (or in some cases in the buildingJ), bring in cool treats, like Popsicles, and keep them in the freezer for employee to have whenever they want.
  3. Fun Challenges – Pose a challenge to the team, such as make your best chocolate dessert and present it creatively. You could have a celebrity judge, such as someone in senior leadership.  Once all dishes were judged the team could enjoy the yummy treats.
  4. Dip Off – Invite employees to bring in their favorite dip and have a dip off party.
  5. RAK – Encourage Random Acts of Kindness, leave an apple for someone or a bottle of water, leave a note saying you’ve been RAK’d and pass it on.
  6. Bingo – Take a little break one afternoon and play a game of Bingo.
  7. Hand write a note – When you see someone doing something above and beyond their job duties, hand write a thank you note to give to them.
  8. Fun Days – Have a board game day (or afternoon), cultural or “childhood favorite” potluck, or a spelling bee.

These things will increase morale on the team, show your team you appreciate them and all your team to have fun together!

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