How to Navigate New Management

We’ve all been there.  You start a new job or your former manager leaves and your new manager is hired.  There was a rhythm with the previous manager.  He/she understood your workload, personal schedule and more.  There was an unspoked rhythm that didn’t require much maintenance.  And then it happens.  You have a new manager.  What do you do?

After the dust settles, reality sets in.  YOU HAVE A NEW MANAGER.  So the journey begins.  Will he/she like me?  Will they change our way of doing things?  Are they as flexible as the former manager?  How will you find your rhythm?

So many questions that only time will answer.  In an effort to help faculty and staff navigate the transition of management, below are a few key tips!

  • Be kind. ALWAYS!  Even when it seems everything your new manager does is the complete opposite of what you’re accustomed to or that you like
  • Take the initiative to get to know your new boss
  • Expect and accept change
  • Take advantage of a clean slate

Credit:  Monster – Getting a New Boss Offers Challenges and Opportunities

Written by Brandi Gilbert-Hammett


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