Search Committees in Higher Ed

Often time’s people wonder what may be done to have a successful, efficient and effective search committee.  The following are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Appoint a strong committee chair – This will keep the committee on task and moving forward; the chair is also the public face during the search of Ohio State to the top candidates; the chair has to make difficult decisions when the committee is deadlocked; this role is not easy
  • Provide the committee with an appropriate (and possibly aggressive) timeline – This will help the chair avoid unnecessary delays in the process.
  • Solicit broad input – Varied perspectives support collective and thoughtful decisions.
  • Focus on the known – Don’t let the committee fall victim to presumptions about the candidates.
  • If there is a search consultant, listen to that person.
  • Advance candidates based on potential rather than experience.
  • Make diversity a priority.

Mark Shaver for The Chronicle, by Zachary A. Smith, October 31,2016

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