Search Committees in Higher Ed

Often time’s people wonder what may be done to have a successful, efficient and effective search committee.  The following are a few tips on how to do just that:

  • Appoint a strong committee chair – This will keep the committee on task and moving forward; the chair is also the public face during the search of Ohio State to the top candidates; the chair has to make difficult decisions when the committee is deadlocked; this role is not easy
  • Provide the committee with an appropriate (and possibly aggressive) timeline – This will help the chair avoid unnecessary delays in the process.
  • Solicit broad input – Varied perspectives support collective and thoughtful decisions.
  • Focus on the known – Don’t let the committee fall victim to presumptions about the candidates.
  • If there is a search consultant, listen to that person.
  • Advance candidates based on potential rather than experience.
  • Make diversity a priority.

Mark Shaver for The Chronicle, by Zachary A. Smith, October 31,2016

More Information – Medical Marijuana

The use of medical marijuana will soon be legal under Ohio law; however, employers still have the right to maintain zero-tolerance policies regarding medical marijuana in the workplace.  There is no caveat in the new that requires businesses to accommodate any employee use of medical marijuana and workers have no right to sue the employer because of such a policy.

HR Magazine October 2016, “State Briefs”

What Makes Workers Stay

  1. Base pay/salary
  2. Career advancement opportunities
  3. Physical work environment
  4. Job security
  5. Ability to manage work-related stress

HR Magazine November 2016, “What You Don’t Know About What Workers Want”

Interesting Numbers to Share (Across the Country)

Average cost-per hire:                       $4,129

Average time to fill a position:   42 Days

Average employee tenure:    8 years

Annual Overall Turnover Rate:  19%

Involuntary Turnover Rate:  8%

Organizations with Succession Plans:  34%

HR Expense to Operating – Expense Ratio:  15%


HR Magazine October 2016, “By the Numbers:  Human Capital Benchmarking”,  Source:  Society for Human Resource manager 2016 Human Capital Benchmarking Report