What Makes Great Bosses Unforgettable?

Google has been researching the qualities that make mangers great at Google.  The next step they are taking is building a training program that teaches every manager to embrace the qualities.

  1. Great bosses are passionate. Unforgettable bosses believe in what they’re trying to accomplish and enjoy doing it.
  2. They stand in front of the bus. Great bosses remove people from the bus’s path before they are in danger.  Great bosses, coach and take obstacles out of the employee’s way.  At times, the great boss may not be able to stop the bus, so they will jump out in front of it and take the hit directly.
  3. They play chess not checkers. Great bosses recognize what is unique about each team member, knowing each person’s strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes.  Unforgettable bosses use these insights to draw the very best from each person.
  4. They are who they are, all the time. Their team doesn’t have to spend the energy trying to figure out what their motives are.  Great bosses don’t hide things they have the freedom to disclose, they share information and knowledge.
  5. They are a port in the storm. They don’t get rattled.  They keep cool under pressure.
  6. They are human. Great bosses are personable, easy to relate to, warm, and know their team members have emotions.  They related to their team as people first, a boss second.
  7. They are humble. They openly address their mistakes.  These bosses don’t believe they are above anyone or anything.

For many great bosses they think about what they could do to help their people succeed, not what their people could do for them.

Forbes, 10/15/2016, “7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable”, by Travis Bradberry

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