Mistakes New Managers Can’t Afford to Make

We all know, when new managers hit the ground running, it makes our life easier.  We want to help the new managers be successful, so here are three common mistakes new managers make and how to help managers avoid them.

  1. Being overconfident

While confidence is important, being overconfident can cause a manager to be underprepared and set unrealistic goals.  Also, overconfident people tend to be unpopular; they talk a good game but fail to back it up with actual performance.

A good way for managers to earn the respect of their team and peers is to exhibit some modesty regarding their sills and abilities.

  1. Being too cold, or businesslike

Despite the perception that being warm – by encouraging others to talk, making kind gestures and offering compliments – makes you seem weak, it is not true.  This makes employees feel as though their manager has their backs.

Showing some warmth plays a key role in building trust with employees.

Employees pick up on two pieces of a manager’s character immediately, their warmth and competence.

Competence is important without it a manager can’t be counted on – whether they mean well or not.

  1. Failing to keep emotions in check

It is essential for managers to act professionally – making sure they are not quick to anger and don’t rush to judgement when problems arise.

Employees have a hard time trusting managers they feel don’t have control over their emotions.

Managers need to do what they can to avoid being angry too quickly or rushing to judgement.  Managers must keep their impulses private.  Employees don’t want to work with someone who appears to lack self-control.

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