Ways to Improve our Culture

We all spend quite a bit of time at work.  This may lead us to be discouraged, disappointed and depressed.  There are things we can do that are mostly free to make our culture more enjoyable, rewarding and fun.

Recognition Programs

Please like to be compensated for a job well done, however that is not always possible.  One thing people also like is to be recognized.

Create/implement an “Employee of the Month” celebration or suggest to managers to personally interact with each of their direct report employees on a weekly or daily basis, this may improve morale and motivate the workforce and won’t cost much, if anything.

Managers may also send a personalized email or hand written note recognizing the employee for the great work being completed.

Team-Building Outings

Sometimes taking a team off site for a team building outing is a great way to strengthen bonds, improve morale, and blow off a little steam.

This could be done as a retreat, after work sports games (e.g. soccer), sponsored Friday pizza parties, birthday celebrations (a cake per month goes a long way.)


A little friendly competition goes a long way.  People naturally work harder when they know they are competing against someone else.

Continuing Education

Offering continuing education is another way to improve workplace culture.

Team Meetings

Holding brief meetings is a great way to give updates, distribute important information and a great way to get team members engaged.


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