Employee Relations – Different Ways to Say Thank You

HR can do our part to boost employee’s spirits and let them know we appreciate them. It is simple gestures that may be the best way to make someone’s day.

  • A daily thank you, whether it comes after an employee helps you, brings you something or just at the end of the day
  • Frequent thank you, make it personal and frequent
  • Handwritten notes, make it personal to the event, include strengths of the person receiving the note, list how that person has made OSU better
  • A note to the family, send a note to the employee’s family, we all know our families sacrifice at times so we are able to do our jobs successfully, thank the family for their support of the employee
  • E-Mail to the employee’s direct supervisor, provide positive feedback to supervisors and cc the employee
  • Little surprises, write notes, bringing in doughnuts or a fruit tray

These ideas help employees feel valued in the workplace.

SHRM Magazine, “2,4,6,8! How Do You Appreciate? 15Ways to thank employees” 11/2015

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