Thank Goodness We Have an HR Team

Some companies have HR “departments” of one (a solo HR person for an entire company). They face unique challenges such as implementing ideas the HR person has, getting the company to understand, buy in and support doing things the “right way”, having the time needed to think strategically, and being able to give the necessary time and effort to everything, only being able to triage issues. We are lucky to be a part of a great HR team. We have the opportunity bounce ideas off of each other, have support when a task is taking longer than anticipated, when unique challenges arise we can ask our team if they have experience a similar challenge and request advice on how they dealt with it.

Some of the benefits of being part of an HR team!

Previous month’s question: is rudeness contagious? A study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology indicates that rudeness actually spreads through the workplace. The study showed that an individual experiencing a rude interaction will be ruder in his/her subsequent interaction.   Even just watching rudeness secondhand produced the same subsequent rude behavior. So, smile and remember that politeness may be a great vaccine.

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