Timekeeping for bi-weekly employees

There have been a significant number of requests for off cycle checks due to employee’s “forgetting” to submit their time. Please remind the bi-weekly employees in the department(s) you support that it is their responsibility to submit the time by the deadline. If they fail to submit their time, it will be paid on the next scheduled pay date, payroll is cracking down on processing off cycle checks.

Please remind the supervisors in the department(s) you support to approve the time submitted by the deadline. An employee should not be penalized if he/she submitted his/her time by the required deadline and the supervisor fails to approve it.

Things HR Professionals can do to boost diversity

  • Determine if the number of years of required experience in a job posting is unnecessarily high, as this may have an adverse impact on women.
  • Circulate resumes without names so unconscious bias does not impact who is considered for an interview
  • Have mixed-gender interview teams

SHRM Magazine, October 2015, “How Gender Bias Hurts Men”