Remind Managers: No ‘magic words’ needed by employee to request FMLA

Many employees request leave and may not assert their FMLA rights, they don’t need to. While managers require the employees to provide a general reason for the requested time off, it’s our responsibility to identify leave requests that may qualify for FMLA leave.

Please remind managers to:

  • Listen to leave requests that may fall under FMLA, including “family emergency”
  • If an employee is out for sick leave for three or more days, contact OHR,
  • If an employee is out for doctor appointments often, for themselves or a family member, contact OHR

Maintaing I-9s

ICE is increasingly bringing cases against employers under the criminal code, rather than civil penalties. Remember, penalties for poor documentation can cost up to $1,000 per worker/document. Please remember to review employee documentation ensure they are on the updated version of the I-9 list of acceptable documents (; If you make copies of I-9 documentation, keep the copies and be consistent; Require all employees to complete section 1 of the I-9 on their first day of employment.

Interview Questions to Avoid

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Job interviews may be tricky; one wrong question could lead to a discrimination lawsuit. Remind managers to avoid asking the following questions:

  1. If you’re single, are you living with anyone?
  2. Are you married? Divorced?
  3. How old are you?
  4. Do you have children? If so, how many and how old are they?
  5. Do you own or rent your home?
  6. What church do you attend?
  7. Do you want to worship at my church?
  8. Do you have any debts?
  9. How much and what kind of insurance do you have?
  10. Do you suffer from an illness or disability?
  11. Have you been hospitalized? What for?
  12. Have you ever been treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist?
  13. Have you had a major illness recently?
  14. How many days of work did you miss last year because of illness?
  15. Do you have any disabilities or impairments that might affect your performance?
  16. Are you taking any prescription drugs?
  17. Have you ever been treated for drug addiction or alcoholism?
  18. Do you plan to get married?
  19. Do you intend to start a family?
  20. What are your daycare plans?
  21. Are you comfortable supervising men?
  22. What would you do if your husband were transferred?
  23. Do you think you could perform the job as well as a man?
  24. Are you likely to take time off under FMLA?

Remind managers, if a candidate reveals information during an interview that you’re not allowed to ask, do not pursue the topic! We will be unable to defend in court, “well, he/she brought it up in the interview”.

The HR Specialist, Special Edition, July 2015


PHA Deadlines

PHA Deadline Changes for Newly Benefits-Eligible Faculty and Staff

Outlined below are the Personal Health and Well-being Assessment (PHA) deadlines for newly benefits-eligible faculty and staff, which includes new hires. These deadlines cover three plan years: 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Date when newly eligible for benefits 2015 Plan Year 2016 Plan year 2015 and 2016 Plan Years 2017 Plan Year
PHA deadline to have medical plan choice PHA deadline to have medical plan choice PHA requirement for premium credit PHA deadline for premium credit and medical plan choice
On or before July 31, 2015 60 days from benefits eligibility date 60 days from benefits eligibility date 60 days from benefits eligibility date Sept. 30, 2016
Aug. 1 – Dec. 31, 2015 Not required Not required Premium credit applied after PHA/screening requirements completed Sept. 30, 2016
Jan. 1 – July 31, 2016 Not applicable Not required Premium credit applied after PHA/screening requirements completed Sept. 30, 2016

While the PHA may not be required for medical plan choice, newly eligible faculty and staff must complete the PHA and biometric screening to receive the $360 annual premium credit with an Ohio State medical plan. Please note that the YP4H portal will be closed Dec. 7, 2015, to Jan. 3, 2016. No assessments can be completed during that time.

What you need to do:

  • During your onboarding process, please continue to encourage early engagement in the PHA and biometric screening so that newly eligible faculty and staff may earn the premium credit and Your Plan for Health incentives.
  • Make newly benefits-eligible faculty and staff aware of the annual September 30 deadline to maintain medical plan choice, and clarify that though it is not required this year, it will be required for them the following year.
  • All benefits-eligible faculty/staff are encouraged to complete the PHA and biometric screening even if not electing university health coverage to ensure medical plan choice at a later date.
  • Questions? Contact

The New CFAES HR Only Blog

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the CFAES HR Only Blog! We are excited to launch this blog with the hope of keeping our HR team on one accord despite our geographical structure. This blog will be published monthly and will include information for HR professionals throughout the college and the university. Our goal is to make this blog a team effort. If there are articles, new policies or changes to existing policies, etc., that you believe would benefit the entire group, do not hesitate to forward them so that we can upload them to the blog.

Welcome back, Students

Please distribute the following flyer to all student employees returning from summer break.  This will ensure a swift transaction back to an active pay status.  Contact your HRP with questions.

Student Welcome Back Flyer