CFAES Gender Initiative

I am pleased to announce that Dr. Sandy Velleman will be the faculty lead on a new project for CFAES.

The CFAES Gender Initiative  program will focus on building a pipeline for women in the agricultural and natural sciences who want to enter the academy or other professional positions.  The initiative will function as part of the Office of Equity and Inclusion and work closely with Kathy Lechman, the director.  The first Equity and Inclusion Symposium will launch the Gender Initiative.  The Symposium is February 16. The symposium will take place at the 4-H Center with connection to Fisher Auditorium on Wooster Campus.  Dr. Christine Daughterty, Vice President for Sustainable Food Production at Tyson foods will be the key note speaker followed by a panel addressing the career continuum and important skills to pick up along the way.  The theme for the Symposium is “Your Career on a Continuum: Building the Skill Set for Your Lifelong Journey”.  Lunch will be provided at both sites.  Participants will be asked to register and do not have to commit for the entire day.

This event is sponsored by the dean’s office and all faculty, staff, and students  are encouraged to participate. The symposium is structured to allow for you to come and go for different segments.  More information can be found here at the Equity and Inclusion site, Gender Initiative Tab. 

Save the Date: February 16 Gender Initiative Symposium



2015-2016 CFAES Equity and Inclusion Mini-grant Awards

This year two CFAES Equity and Inclusion Mini-grants were awarded. The first was submitted by Dr. Malak Esseili, a post doctorate researcher in the Food Animal Health Research Program on Wooster Campus. Dr. Esseilli’s grant will used funds to continue efforts to bring faculty, staff, and graduate students together to engage in dialogue around issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The $500 award is supporting a series of programs built around identities and examining common misconceptions and how to overcome such misperceptions. View grant application here. If document does not open you must save it to your computer and then open.

The second grant award was submitted by Dr. Kristi Lekies, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the School of Environment and Natural Resources. The grant was awarded $2000 to support Youth Beat, a radio program organized and carried out by 8 teens from the Barack Recreation Center on Columbus’ South Side. Each Thursday the teens brainstorm and identify topics related to health. They then identify speakers and interview them and air the shows on a monthly basis. The Youth Beat group provides training and technical assistance on interviewing, recording and editing audio. View grant application here. If document does not open you must save it to your computer and then open.
Congratulations to both Dr. Malak Esseili and Dr. Kristi Lekies.

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