Ripe Blackberries

Thorny (ouch!) 

Thorny canes of blackberry
Varieties of blackberries that are thorny typically have a high yield and produce medium to large-sized berries. Most of these varieties are relatively winter hardy and ripen in late summer.

Varieties (Source: Bramble Berry Farm)

Shawnee – Out-performs all of the other varieties in its size & yield; ripens in July.

Brazo – Short canes and produces well in the south or in warmer climates.

Lawton – Best variety in terms of disease and drought resistance.

Darrow – Upright and easy to pick. Its main crop is produced in July, but has a  smaller fall crop. Self-pollinating, hardy, and productive.

Cheyenne – Best variety for Northern climates due to its cold And heat hardiness. Produces large, sweet berries.

Roseborough – Does well in the south ans has large vines.

Choctaw – Contains very few seeds and ripens during the third week of May.


Thorn less 

Thorn less blackberry cane
Thorn less varieties produce medium to high yields with berries that are medium to large. They are not as winter-hardy as most thorny varieties and ripen in late summer.


Hull – Not as hardy as Black Satin, but tastes sweeter.

Black Satin – Cold-hardy. Produces 8-10 qts by mid-July.

Navaho – Ripens in early July. Easy to pick.

Arapaho “Patented”– Ripens in June (earlier than all other thorn less types).

Quachita “Patented” – Erect plant that is highly productive. Produces berries hat are large, firm, and sweet. Ripens about 3rd week in June.

Triple Crown “Patented” – Ripens in mid-July. Highly productive with firm, sweet fruit.


Sizes of various thorn less blackberry varieties.

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