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Our site aims to answer questions that are frequently asked by home gardeners in Ohio and surrounding states about selecting the best plants to use, pest management, growing conditions, diseases, etc. The information on this website pertains only to plants grown in the midwestern United States, and we’ve initially focused our attention on the care of blackberries, pears, and cherries. Please feel free to explore our website to answer your midwestern gardening questions and concerns. For more information about the creators of this site, click on the “About Us” tab in the top right corner of the page. Scroll down for more information about the benefits of starting your own home garden.

Why should you grow your own fruit and vegetables?
It has been widely recognized amongst dietitians and laymen alike that increasing your fruit/vegetable intake is not only a delicious, natural way to incorporate more vitamins and minerals in your diet, but it has been associated with reducing the risk of certain diseases such as cancer and heart disease. In addition to the health benefits of growing your own fruit at home, there are many reasons why becoming a home-gardener is a great idea:
– Many home-gardeners will attest to the enjoyment of growing your own food. Not only will gardening incorporate more exercise into your daily life, it is also a great way to reduce stress!
– Planting fruits on your property can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your landscape.
– You can grow cultivars of particular fruits that are not typically available at your local grocery store or farmer’s market.
– Home-gardeners can control the amount of pesticides and chemicals applied to their fruit.
– Growing your own fruit is a great way to acquire a new and unique set of skills.

Potential downfalls of at-home fruit and vegetable production
Although growing your own fruit has a plethora of benefits, it is not without its downfalls. Growing your own fruit can be time-consuming and can sometimes be a difficult and complicated endeavor. In addition to this, a moderate investment in gardening equipment (including pesticides and pesticide applicators) is required for the majority of at-home fruit production. However, the benefits of growing your own fruit far outweigh the annoyances and the financial investment is certainly worth it.

Other Things to Consider
As noted before, growing your own fruit can be complicated and time-consuming. Here are some factors that you should consider for your plants before committing to starting your own garden:
– Disease resistance
– Pollination needs
– Site requirements
– Susceptibility to frost