It’s All About Time Spring Email Challenge

It's All About Time Spring Email Challenge

Email Wellness Challenge
April 6 – May 18, 2020

Sign up for the Ohio State University Extension,
Live Healthy Live Well 6-week Email Wellness Challenge.
Two weekly e-mails will be sent directly to you from an
OSU Extension Family and Consumer Sciences Professional.

During this six-week challenge you will consider ways that “time” affects your life. You will be encouraged to fill your plate ½ full of vegetables & fruits for two meals each day. For activity, you will aim for 30 minutes of movement at least 5 times a week. You will focus on strategies to improve sleep. You will also explore ways to enhance your work/life balance and enjoy more “me” time.

You will learn tips and strategies to help you utilize time management tips to reduce stress in your life. By practicing wellness habits over the 6-week challenge, you will begin strengthening positive lifestyle behaviors. During this challenge, you will gain ideas to help you:

0. Manage Time Constraints
1. Enjoy Mealtime with Family
2. Enhance Sleep
3. Find Time and New Ways to Connect with Family and/or Friends
4. Fit Creative Time into your Life
5. Reduce Screen Time
6. Focus on Work/Life Balance
7. Eat more Vegetables and Fruits
8. Add more Movement your Day

What does it cost? Nothing – it is free!

Who can participate? Any adult with an email account.

How do I sign up? Register with this link:

For more information, contact Lisa Barlage, or Michelle Treber,

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