Workday Trainings

Training curriculums are currently in development in preparation of the Workday implementation. More information will be announced soon on this webpage. Training opportunities will begin in spring 2020, ahead of the summer 2020 implementation of Workday.

Workday – Staff Training
Staff fall into two categories: core users (HR, Finance, Supply Chain, and Payroll Professionals), and casual users (all others). The difference between the two is how much time and what transactions you may need to perform in Workday.

As a staff casual user, you can access everything needed as an employee related to your personal information, travel, spend authorizations, expenses, and purchasing.

  • Optional: 15-minute “Navigating in Workday” eLearning.
  • Frequent Travelers: “Spend Authorizations and Expenses” videos.
  • Purchasers: 1-hour  “The Purchasing Process in Workday” webinar
  • Additionally, you will have access to 30+ on-demand support resources including job aids and/or videos related to topics such as:
    • Updating your personal information
    • Updating your direct deposit and tax information.
    • Using time clocks.
    • Time tracking processes.
    • Updating your benefit elections.
    • Finding job postings and applying for internal jobs.

Training for HR, Finance, Payroll and Supply Chain professions will be offered in various formats including in person, self-paced eLearning and on-demand job aids. Individuals will participate in courses that align to their security role in the system. As a result, the duration of training will vary. More information regarding training for HR, Finance, Payroll, and Supply Chain professionals will be available soon.

If you questions on Workday, please contact one of the CFAES Enterprise Project Change Ambassadors.

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